ALBION ONLINE shows off the keepers of albion


Since ancient times, the Keepers of Albion have prowled the wilds of Albion Online, rejecting civilization and venerating the wild. The latest lore video for the game shows off exactly that, as well as showing off some… interesting concepts about how female anatomy works in motion. It’s really hard to get away from that element. Avoid watching the video while your boss is looking over your shoulder.

Lore-wise, of course, the Keepers are a group that every adventurer should be very familiar with; as far as they’re concerned, you’re the invading force and they’re the rightful residents of the land. They may not have all of the benefits of modern crafting, but they’ve got druids and numbers on their side. So if you’ve been enjoying the game, you owe it to yourself to check out the rundown below, but you should be fairly warned of some rather wonky physics.



Overwatch players who avoid Symmetra like the plague might find themselves gravitating to her with an upcoming patch. Lead Designer Jeff Kaplan sat down with the community to announce a full-scale revamp of the playable character. Apparently Symmetra was being used too situationally and needed some strong quality-of-life improvements to make her more viable and desirable.

One of the most exciting changes coming for Symmetra is that she will be the first character in the game to get a choice of ultimates, with two such abilities available at all times during each match. When her meter fills up, she can either plop down her current teleporter or build a shield generator with a huge range for her team.



Starfall Prophecy, RIFT’s first paid expansion since it went free-to-play, has arrived. Players can now jump into the game and explore the five new zones that make up the Comet of Ankhet. Players will encounter deserts, forests, marshes, and volcanic wastes in their journeys across the comet. They will be able to level up to level 70, take on two new dungeons and one new raid, and take part in massive open world battles known as “Fortress Sieges.” Rift Assault Adventures round out the new content as a new type of Instant Adventure.

The expansion also introduces Legendary Powers, which allow people to increase the power of a small number of their abilities, Eternal Items, and the Planar Fragments system, which players can equip based on the affinity of their gear.

Final Fantasy XI plans several events for VI Day


XI Day is almost upon us. What’s XI Day? Well, it’s November 11th, which has been designated as a special day for Final Fantasy XI because why not? (This is not mirrored in the other online game by Square-Enix chiefly because the 14th month of the year does not exist.) And what better way to enjoy the Friday than by taking part in some special events for one day only?

Players will be able to pick up a special item for logging in on the 11th, take part in a special event, and even jump in on a collaboration event with Final Fantasy Record Keeper that will award players a new roll of Orchestrion music. (The Japanese version of FFRK, at least, is returning the favor by adding in Prishe and Lion along with a special dungeon.) It’s also the start of the 2017 Mog Bonanza and just a day after the November Version Update. If you’ve been hedging around heading back into FFXI but wanted to wait until the perfect day… well, that day looks to be Friday.



Hot on the heels of Hallow’s End comes World of Warcraft’s Day of the Dead mini-holiday. This event is meant as a way to spend some last moments with the spirits before they go into hiding for another year.

This festival is very limited in scope and rewards — but it might be worth the effort, even so. Players can complete a simple quest to earn a skeleton pet, check off four achievements, wear some costumes, and enjoy some time-limited consumables.

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RIDERS OF ICARUS introduces new dungeon challeges that are downright legendary


Do the challenges of Riders of Icarus dungeons no longer delight you? Do you enter a dungeon and immediately start saying, “Dad, this is boring,” then suddenly panic because you called the tank “Dad” for no good reason? The good news is that the new legendary dungeon difficulty will address the challenge part of things, giving players two potent debuffs and requiring a legendary emblem for entry. It’ll give even experienced players a challenging set of battles to fight through, making the dungeon feel fresh and threatening once more. It will not, however, address your habit of referring to party members as your parents.

Should even the legendary dungeons feel too simple, players can take on the new Gustling Isle raid dungeon to attack the titan Tranua, or the Attaius Peak raid dungeon to fight against the eponymous storm titan Attaius. Both of these raid dungeons and the legendary dungeons also give players the tools necessary to tame some legendary mounts, so it’s not just gear you’re after when you march into the fight.

World of Warcraft is bringing in new fishing bobbers with patch 7.1


World of Warcraft has decided on its primary competition: Any other video game featuring fishing. Sure, there may be some other game that’s out now which also purports to be worldwide and focusing almost exclusively on angling with a title to match, but does that game feature a new assortment of colorful fishing bobbers?

Other additions for the patch include new recipes for several professions (including more cosmetic glyphs for Inscription), a new Blood of Sargeras trader who offers various resources, and new visuals for the basic campfire.

Blade & Soul Will Add a New End-Game Dungeon & Arena Spectator Mode


Blade & Soul players have a lot to look forward to with the upcoming Ebondrake Citadel update. A new dungeon, described by NCsoft as "a formidable prison of evil", is an end-game dungeon comes in a 4-and 6-member versions. This underground ruin is home to the Phantoms, a vicious division of the Ebondrake Cult led by Bale Phantom Zakhan.
On the other hand, the long-awaited Arena Spectator Mode will be added, and that allows you to jump into a 1v1 Arena match and watch your favorite players from an adjustable spectator’s view. This patch also decreases the cost of accessory upgrade.

Ebondrake Citadel is expected to release in Blade & Soul on October 5th.

FINAL FANTASY XIV new patch 3.4


Final Fantasy XIV‘s next major patch drops on September 27th, and as is the custom, a new trailer shows off the content players can expect to explore. This includes the story content for the main scenario questline and the various side stories as well as the last portion of the Alexander story.

There’s also a lot of other content on display, as well: the new adventuring squadrons, new apartments, another battle against the Warring Triad, and new equipment to properly accessorize your characters. There are also even deeper floors to be explored in the Palace of the Dead for those who dare to trek deep within.