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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Trove is the Most Original MMO Right Now

Often in the MMO world, we get a little tired of seeing the same game released by different companies and called something new. There are gems that try to break the mold, but few really just go for it. Perhaps it’s the general freedom afforded by the IP and visual stylings, but the bravest MMO on the market right now is none other than Trion Worlds’ Trove.




I’ll admit up front, I don’t play regularly. It’s one of those games I always want to dive into more, but never seem to have the time. That hasn’t stopped several million other folks from enjoying it across PC, PS4, and Xbox. Hell, I’ve jokingly tried to prod Trion about a Switch release in recent months, and I wouldn’t put it past them to be the first MMO on Nintendo’s new console. Trion, once founded as a AAA studio with dozens of millions of dollars to make a fairly traditional MMORPG, has quietly become one of the leaders in MMO experimentation with the unassuming voxel based Trove.




It’s gone from a game that was merely trying to take the idea of Cube World and do it with a more robust team, and turned itself into a fully-featured MMORPG with most everything every MMO gamer could want. Of course, not every gamer likes voxels, or the visual style that comes with them, and ergo many may dismiss the title outright. And as someone who has a hard time playing games with eastern influenced art, I can understand that. I like my MMOs grounded in western fantasy or sci-fi.


Trove, is definitely not that. It’s bright, it’s loud, it’s blocky, and it’s all over the place. And I think that’s why I’ve kind of loved it since day one. It’s never been my go-to game, and yet I can always count on it to be there with fun when I need it. More so, with each new update, they’re proving that it can kind of be any game it wants to be. The most recently announced Heroes expansion effectively turns Trove into City of Heroes for part of the game. A new class based on the golden age of comics, new massive world bosses, a story focused in and around a massive city in the Neon biome called Luminopolis.




I love that Trion feels unbridled with Trove, that it just tried any old thing with the game. While Adventures was a “safe” update, and it gave players things they’d long wanted for Clubs (guilds), it still added so much new to the game. It’s not easy for an MMO to make the kind of updates that drastically shift the theme of the game the way the upcoming Heroes expansion does. That’s simply because most MMOs are slaves to their own IP. They have to keep things in universe. In Trove, wherever the designer’s whims take them, that’s where they can take the game. It’s beautiful freedom, and I’m just now realizing how exciting it can be.


TERA’s Godsfall Update will Introduce Brand-new Abilities

It is announced that the Godsfall update is set to be one of the most significant updates of the year, introducing powerful brand-new active and passive abilities for seven of TERA’s classes – Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Warrior, Mystic, Priest and Slayer – that introduce unique ways to play existing classes and deepen their connection to their class roles.




The Godsfall update introduces a time-traveling story quest, available to level 65 characters of the seven chosen classes with an item level of 439 or higher, taking players back through time to defeat the powerful dragon Khemadia. Players will find themselves facing their own personal demons as they progress through the quests, including their Temper, Self-Doubt, and Guilt in this god-killing, time-traveling mission.




With each personal demon vanquished players will unlock a new “Apex” active or passive skill for their character, expanding their toolkit and enhancing existing abilities with new properties.


Strange Terrain Nightfall Walkthrough for Destiny 2

Strange Terrain Nightfall Walkthrough for Destiny 2


The Strange Terrain Nightfall begins in the Glacial Drift, facing players toward the cave that leads down into the Hive-infested bowels of Mars. Summon the Sparrow and speed off into the caverns, making sure to avoid the bottomless pits. When approaching the first room full of Hive enemies, either take the time to fight and clear it out, or carefully weave around the right-hand side and down into the next tunnel system.


This next section requires players to fight up a ramp filled with Hive knights and cursed thrall. Kill the knights at the back to have them drop the relics that need to be thrown at the shards. With all the shards destroyed, continue deeper into the caves.




Fight through the cave system to reach the first major enemy encounter, a wizard called, Simmumah Ur-Nokru. Kill the wizard and continue deeper to reach the next major fight against an ogre. The ogre is locked under a barrier held in place by the floating crystal shards. Find the Ugul Gar knights around the arena, kill them, and throw the relic at the shards. Repeat this until the ogre is free and can be killed. With the ogre defeated, the way forward will be clear.


Continue down the tunnels to reach the final fight of the Strange Terrain Nightfall. Defeat the enemies in the room to summon the boss, Nokris, Herald of Xol. Damage Nokris until its shields return, at which point enemies will flood the arena. Focus on taking out the Hive units, paying special attention to the powerful knights that spawn. When a knight dies, they drop a relic which must be thrown at the shards. Two knights spawn during this phase, so two shards will need to be destroyed. Once two crystal shards have been destroyed, Nokris will become vulnerable.




Once a third of Nokris’ health is removed, its shield will return and the Hive knights will need to be killed again to remove two more crystal shards. This pattern repeats, with one difference during the final two crystals: instead of Nokris remaining stationary and not attacking, it will move freely around the arena, attacking any nearby players.


During this final stage, it is important for all players to communicate the location of Nokris, as getting caught out in the open can lead to immediate death. Take the time to ensure all enemies are dead, and that any high-profile Hive units (Wizards and Knights) are killed as soon as possible. After the last two crystal shards are destroyed, focus on dealing damage to Nokris, Herald of Xol.


With Nokris defeated, the Strange Terrain Nightfall will be completed and the loot chest will spawn. At this point, there’s not much anyone can do to improve their chances of receiving the Braytech Osprey rocket launcher – it’s all up to RNG.


Trove Bomber Royale





Battle Royale is taking over the world. Trion Worlds has announced that it will be adding a new mode to Trove called Bomber Royale, which allows throwdowns of up to 20 people in an exciting and chaotic new take on the Battle Royale formula.


Only one Trovian will be left standing, as you throw bombs at each other, collect power-ups, and cause carnage to the terrain.


Here’s what the official press release says:



In Trove Bomber Royale, the gameplay is fast and frenetic, where players are placed onto one of three different maps together, and must throw bombs at each other in order to be the sole survivor of the skirmish. There are several different bomb types at your disposal, including bouncing bombs, sticky bombs, and more. Players can also utilize a variety of moves and power-ups, including a grappling hook to zip away from (or towards) danger and healing-based items.




The edges of the playfield will slowly disintegrate as the round progresses, stripping away the terrain and forcing players to get up close and personal with their foes in the battle arena. If that weren’t enough, Trove Bomber Royale also features destructible terrain as you can use your bombs to alter the landscape, adding another frantic twist to the gameplay!




The top players in each match will earn a special seasonal currency that they can then spend on season boxes, season-specific auras, and other cool items from merchants. Loot tables are refreshed often, and any experience that you gain for your character in the Bomber Royale mode will carry over to your adventures in Trove!


Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online (STO)is a triple-A f2p MMORPG with 3D graphics developed by Cryptic Studios. Based on the classic Star Trek science fiction TV show, STO features space exploration, role-playing, interesting story lines, cooperative PvE mission and genuinely fun player vs player competition. Play as the Captain of your own Federation ship and choose from a variety of species such as Human, Vulcan, Andorian and Bajoran or create your own alien race. Once you reach level 25, the Klingon faction is unlocked and you can play as a member of the Klingon, Gorn, Orion species. The game has both space and ground combat








Click on image for the large version.

Star Trek Online Gameplay Overview


by LeelaFan

Star Trek Online is the latest MMO gaming incarnation of one of the popular science fiction TV series. STO incorporates the majority of the characters, ships and settings that can be found in the actual series. The game begins thirty years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis. Players are given the chance to become the pilot of their own ship. At the start of the game, players are only allowed to act as the Federation Captain, a ranking official of one faction only. As the game progresses, other factions are unlocked and the player can choose to represent these groups towards the remainder of the game. Leveling up through experience is one element of this game that is needed to be fulfilled in order to purchase more advanced equipment and skill sets.


Players can control the different aspects of ship management such as the engineering, scientific and tactical systems through a gaming console, mouse or the keyboard. Aside from ship combat, the player can also explore around the game and gain experience in order to learn particular combat or support skills that are unique to their class.


Throughout Star Trek Online, players can switch between space combat and run-and-gun combat in order to accomplish the objectives established in missions. Players are allowed to customize the appearance of their character and the ship to match their preference.


Players can also select between different canonical races made popular by the Star Trek series. Different races possess different characteristics that can strategically be chosen to advance quickly through the game.


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Star Wars: Jedi – Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – Everything We Want To See



EA and Respawn, the ex-Infinity Ward developers of Titanfall, have announced their long-in-development Star Wars game at EA’s E3 press conference – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


We know very little about the game so far, in fact EA haven’t even given us a logo to work with. So here’s everything we know about Jedi: Fallen Order, what we want, and what we can expect to see!


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Release Date



Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order currently has a release date of Holiday 2019, although absolutely none of this is set in stone so may change. Incidentally, that’s over six years after EA announced Respawn were working on Star Wars game.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Setting and Time Period


Respawn’s Star Wars title will be set between Episodes 3 and 4, like recently concluded cartoon series Star Wars Rebels, the current Darth Vader comic series, and LucasArts’ The Force Unleashed games (which aren’t canon anymore).This is after the formation of the Empire, the downfall of the Republic, and the massacre of the Jedi Order following Order 66.


Anakin Skywalker has become Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi is watching over the young Luke Skywalker on Tatooine, Yoda has gone into exile on Dagobah. These are “the Dark Times”, as Obi-Wan and Vince Zampella put it. The only thing we’re not sure of is whether it’s closer to Episode 3 (like the Darth Vader comic) or Episode 4 (like Rebels or the Rogue One movie). We suspect the former, since there will still be a significant number of Jedi running around at this time.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Characters – Who We Want To See



Here are possible characters who could make an appearance in the game:


  • Darth Vader – We would call this a near guarantee. Vader is obsessed with hunting down the remains of the Jedi Order and he’s arguably the most popular character in Star Wars, so any game about Jedi set in this time period would certainly feature the Sith Lord front and centre. We hope that he can’t actually be fought though, since no Jedi could possibly stand against him and survive. Instead we’ll leave that to…




  • The Inquisitors – A relatively new addition to Star Wars canon (or at least the current version of them), the Inquisitorus would previously be called “Dark Jedi”, ex-members of the order who have turned to the Dark Side. Weaker than Darth Vader and with no exact number of their compliment known, they’d make perfect antagonists for a videogame.




  • Obi-Wan Kenobi – He’s currently in hiding on Tatooine, watching over Luke Skywalker, but there’s no reason he can’t put in an appearance as one of the last significant Jedi left in the galaxy.




  • Darth Maul – The Clone Wars revealed that Maul survived his defeat in The Phantom Menace, and would build up a criminal empire for himself. He’s had, um, recent appearances (no spoilers), and it’s entirely possible players may cross paths with him if the game starts involving the Star Wars underworld.




  • Hera Syndulla and Kanan Jarrus – The stars of Rebels were alive and partnered together during this time, and as Kanan is a Jedi it would be a natural fit to crossover with Disney’s cartoon series.




  • Ahsoka Tano – Speaking of Star Wars cartoons, Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice Ahsoka is a fan-favourite character who is alive during this time, although she is no longer a Jedi. She is instrumental in the formation of the Rebellion, and she’d be a perfect fit for the game.



Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay – What We Expect To See



With a title like ‘Jedi’ and a Developer best known for First Person Shooters making it, our thoughts naturally go to the Jedi Knight series in terms of gameplay. Kyle Katarn, the main character of the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series, was able to use his lightsaber and a range of Force powers – but also all manner of guns, too. We expect Jedi: Fallen Order to be much the same.


It’d be ridiculous to call a game ‘Jedi’ and not let us actually be one, but only running around with a lightsaber would seem suspicious in the Dark Times. In Star Wars Rebels, which is set in the same time period, both Kanan Jarrus and his apprentice Ezra Bridger used blasters just as often as lightsabers.


We’re hoping for some sort of proper, separate single-player story campaign, but inevitably there will be a significant multiplayer mode too. This would have to be completely distinct from Star Wars Battlefront, and the only way to do that would be to focus on the Force side – maybe a more expanded, in-depth version of Battlefront’s popular Heroes Vs Villains mode. for example.


Other than that, there’s simply not much to go on – we can’t even make a story estimate at this time. Hopefully we’ll get more on Jedi: Fallen Order later this year – and that it won’t get cancelled.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Hits Early Access on PC/Mac Alongside Cinematic Launch Traile

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Hits Early Access on PC/Mac Alongside Cinematic Launch Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset is the latest expansion for the popular online RPG. And it’s playable now for PC/Mac people wanting to jump in early. What’s cool is that as part of the launch we now know that the new location of Summerset is bigger than last year’s massive Morrowind expansion.




Queen Ayrenn has opened Summerset’s borders to all, but ancient enemies and Daedric forces plot in the shadows to bring forth a very different future for the island and its people. Gather your allies, explore a paradise unmatched in its beauty and ancient history, and prepare to fight for the heart and soul of Summerset – and ultimately, Tamriel.


The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset will fully release for PC/Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on the June 5, and introduces a new zone, story, faction, skill line, and the long awaited jewel crafting.


H1Z1 To Launch Free-To-Play on PS4


Daybreak Games has today announced that its original standalone battle royale game H1Z1, will be coming to the PS4 as a free-to-play title with an open beta commencing May 22nd.

H1Z1 on PS4 is designed specifically for the console and focuses exclusively on the core elements that make battle royale exciting. The game features a new weapon progression system, fully reworked UI, and new weapons and gear.



While the wait continues to hear what RIFT is going to do with its Prime progression server, Trion Worlds has kicked off a second community challenge to keep the population busy.


This time around, players are being tasked with completing expert-level saga quests, grabbing all of the Port Scion PvP achievements, and collecting 20 bounty artifacts. Rewards include titles, more titles, even more titles, and animal sounds emotes. This current challenge is running from April 8th through May 17th.