It’s something of a tradition now for Final Fantasy XIV to release short fiction around the time of its anniversary. As the third anniversary nears, the first of four commemorative stories has gone live. If you haven’t yet made your way through the Heavensward main scenario quests, it will contain some slight spoilers; if you have, however, it provides an interesting look behind the scenes of incidents that presage the events of the MSQ.

Three more stories are planned, with the promise that they may well spoil more of the story through patch 3.3, so spoiler-sensitive readers who are a bit behind the curve are advised to be cautious. For everyone who’s cleared through things, though, it’s a fascinating look behind the scenes of the game’s lore – and in this case, it covers a character whom players have never met, but whose presence would have had quite an impact.


blade and soul

A new Blade and Soul update called Shadows of the Innocents launched, bringing with it three new instances. There are two new “level 50 4- and 6-member” dungeons, The Shattered Mast and Gloomdross Incursion. The last instance is an “expansive open world 24-member instance,” called Twisted Grimhorn Wilds, that is home to an assortment of dailies.

The update also marked the beginning of the Tidal Treasures and Seeds of Growth events. Tidal Treasures gives players Corallite as a reward for dailies for “specific Heroic Dungeons.” The Corallite can then be used to upgrade Oceanic Weapons. Seeds of Growth tasks players with collecting Growth Seeds from various daily and dynamic quests and transmuting them into Life Chests, which give various rewards.



World of Warcraft’s Legion pre-patch is on the way as promised: on July 19th, to be exact. The patch will include the new transmogrification system as well as numerous changes to classes and talents. Coming later this summer will be the release of the Demon Hunter class and the start of the pre-Legion events.

Speaking of tmog, Blizzard took some time to explain in a blog post how the new wardrobe will function (short version: You’re going to love it). “With the Legion pre-expansion patch, every piece of gear that is bound to your character permanently unlocks that item’s appearance for you.



When will World of Warcraft players experience the Legion pre-patch? Despite the fact that the opening lines of the most recent development dispatch promise to share more about when to expect it, we still do not have a firm date. What we do know, however, is that Demon Hunters will be playable on the second or third week of August, no later than August 17th globally. That means the pre-patch will be… at some point. We still don’t know. The rumored date is July 19th, but it’s just a rumor.

What the dispatch does clarify is what will come along with the pre-patch. Players will have access to the updated class abilities and transmog systems, along with quality of life changes like automatically shifting to a queued role when queuing for dungeons or raids even if you had another spec active at the time. We also know that the invasion of the Burning Legion will start up in the weeks following the Legion pre-patch rather than on the same day, so we’ll all have some time to get used to new class builds before all fel breaks loose.

ArcheAge 3.0 Is Days Away from Reaching the Korean Server – 4 New Trailers


Teased until now, update 3.0 has now a clear path straight to ArcheAge, the Korean version. Update 3.0 will mark the return of the long forgotten Goddes of Hatred. Some slices from this massive update have been previously revealed by XLGAMES. We know that update 3.0 will feature two new playable races – Warborn and Dwarves.

Rocky Mountain and Scorching Wilderness are two new starting zones, one for each race. Rocky Mountain will be the starting point for Dwarven race, while the Scorching Wilderness will be the zone from where the Warborn race will start its adventure

The character customization section has been updated and features now a large variety of options, similar to the ones that you find in Black Desert. With this new update, features like labor points, warehouse slots, gold revenues, upgrade success rates and many more will be improved.

The Korean servers will receive update 3.0 on July 13th.

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EVE Online goes to the pirates in late June


The EVE Online update that’s launching on June 28th is bringing new capital ships into the mix, and they aren’t coming from the most welcome direction. The Serpentis Corporation, a notorious collection of pirates based in the Fountain region, will be deploying new capital ships, meaning a new Dreadnought, Carrier, and Titan-class hull rolling into production. Worse yet, the pirate faction will be fielding implants to improve its flight skills. Fortunately, the new Scope Network will allow capsuleers to take the fight back to the Serpentis in a coordinated effort.


This patch is all about rearranging events and giving players more incentive to take on this NPC faction, but there are other improvements in play as well. Players can look forward to lighting improvements and enhanced docking camera options, along with new iterations of Citadel expansion and the tactical overlay. You’ve got a couple of weeks left to wait, but plenty of things to enjoy once the update goes live. Mostly pirate-related things, of course.

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Path of Exile releases expansion “manifesto”


Path of Exile has a new “manifesto” out this week describing the full extent of the balance changes coming in the 2.3.0 patch. Of note, expect tweaks to

  • environmental traps, chaos conversion, the Hexproof buff, and taunting;
  • unique jewel rarities, weapon stats for hybrids, support gems, and scepter and wand values;
  • skills like Ancestor Totems, Enfeeble, and Shield Charge as well as Arcane Vision in the passive tree;
  • and dungeon content, including a new boss.


Furthermore, “Cruel, Merciless and Map content requires various rebalances,” says Grinding Gear Games. “Rather than apply arbitrary buffs to life and damage, we have instead added monsters with new skills to higher difficulties, and applied various corrections to specific monster skills.”