While the wait continues to hear what RIFT is going to do with its Prime progression server, Trion Worlds has kicked off a second community challenge to keep the population busy.


This time around, players are being tasked with completing expert-level saga quests, grabbing all of the Port Scion PvP achievements, and collecting 20 bounty artifacts. Rewards include titles, more titles, even more titles, and animal sounds emotes. This current challenge is running from April 8th through May 17th.



Piggybacking off the news that Aion KR is going Free-to-Play, Aion NA has announced that their next update, the Heart of Frost, is coming to Aion on January 10th. Ereshkigal, a real-world goddess of the land of the dead, has assembled her armies in the now-icy core of the Abyss. Aion: Heart of Frost will see you facing off against her armies with all your might.

Divine Fortress

The Divine Fortress fight will have players and their allies fighting to reclaim the fortress from Ereshkigal’s icy army. Though as Ereshkigal’s forces grow in number, that isn’t the worst of player’s woes.

Mirash Sanctum

Ereshkigal’s troops rise from the dead, as Harvesters continue to experiment with Drana. As long as Ereshkigal’s forces can rise again and again, she will simply never be defeated, by virtue of sheer numbers alone.



Aion’s big summer update is a scant one day away, but players can get ready for it right now. Omens of Ice will include three new instances (Bastion of Souls, Trials of Eternity, and Crucible Spire), two PvP arenas, and an upgradable combat pet type called minions. “These will aid you in battle with special abilities, fetch dropped items, grant your consumable items, and more,” the team explained.

Players who have an account in good standing are eligible for a goodie pack when Patch 5.6 comes out this Wednesday. This pack offers a Mystic Academy outfit, bonus XP boosters, and death penalty insurance. Brand-new players can grab these by registering their account by July 19th.

Rift introduces the mind of madness as a new intrepid adventure


Your newest Intrepid Adventure in RIFT, should you choose to undertake it, is to take on the Mind of Madness. That seems like it would be better suited by an adjective other than “intrepid,” to be honest. Chasing Lord Arak into insanity just plain seems like a bad idea, no matter how badly you might want to deliver the guy a solid swording. Still, it’s a chance to see all the story and landscape of the raid while being a more casual player, so perhaps it’s a good thing overall.


Players will be facing all-new bosses and challenges in the adventure while earning armor sharing the iconic appearance from the original Mind of Madness raid. Are you afraid to go a little bit crazy for that? Hopefully not. You can jump into the Mind of Madness from the game’s Instant Adventure window, so hop on in, join up with nine other players, and reflect on the choices that brought you to literally pursuing insanity.

Aion Europe gets abyss update on April 27


Aion Abyss continues to be a source of great conflict in the game, a fact that won’t change when Update 4.91 comes to the European serves on April 27th.


The big feature of the patch will be the commencement of the Battle of the Landings. Players can surge forward to reinforce and protect landings in the Upper Abyss. There will be many ways to do this, depending on your playstyle; players can reinforce landings through quests, by killing world bosses, by conquering garrisons, and even by participating in an invasion into an enemy landing.


There are self-serving reasons to be part of this fight. When landings are reinforced, new quests, portals, and merchants appear for use by players.

RIFT adds extra days to its Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

Grumpy that Christmas music is already blaring in the stores? Then take solace in the fact that at least one MMO isn’t prepared to let go of Halloween just yet.

RIFT announced yesterday that it will be adding a few extra days to the ongoing Autumn Harvest event. Previously, it was scheduled to end on November 13th, but after “listening to feedback from [its] players,” Trion Worlds said that the event will now go on through the end of Wednesday, November 19th.

RIFT’s Unicornalia returns through July 30

Onyx Unicorn

Did you miss out on RIFT‘s Unicornalia event last May? Well, it’s back, according to a post on the fantasy MMO’s website. Refugee unicorns from the Plane of Life require your assistance, and you’ll need to “find the PRI representatives in your capital city to discover how you can help.”

Onyx Unicorn mounts are obtainable via rare drops from the Hooves and Horns event in Moonshade Highlands, as a reward for completing the Rainbow in the Dark achievement, or from the game’s cash shop. Opal Unicorn mounts can be had from daily quests or the store.

Unicornalia runs through July 30th.

RIFT reveals Nightmare Tide expansion

Nightmare Tide

RIFT‘s latest expansion is called Nightmare Tide, and Trion producer Bill Fisher says that it will release before the end of the year. The new content will take players into the Plane of Water and will feature new open-world zones, new story quest lines, a new rift type, an increased level cap, and more.

Fisher also mentions RIFT‘s ongoing Summerfest as well as the new Blighted Antechamber Warfront. Finally, there’s a blurb about auction house changes coming in the pre-expansion 2.8 update.

RIFT’s Unicornalia event

onyx unicorn mounts

They’re here, they’re horned, and they need your help,” according to a RIFT‘ website update. Trion’s latest in-game event features unicorn refugees from the Plane of Life, who of course require plenty of assistance from RIFT‘s ascended players.

Trion also wants you to know that you can acquire onyx unicorn mounts as rare drops from the Hooves and Horns zone event in Moonshade Highlands or by completing the Rainbow in the Dark achievement. Alternatively, you can buy them in the game’s cash shop. Opal unicorn mounts can be similarly purchased or acquired through daily quests in Sanctum and Meridian.

The event runs through May 29th.