TERA’s Godsfall Update will Introduce Brand-new Abilities

It is announced that the Godsfall update is set to be one of the most significant updates of the year, introducing powerful brand-new active and passive abilities for seven of TERA’s classes – Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Warrior, Mystic, Priest and Slayer – that introduce unique ways to play existing classes and deepen their connection to their class roles.




The Godsfall update introduces a time-traveling story quest, available to level 65 characters of the seven chosen classes with an item level of 439 or higher, taking players back through time to defeat the powerful dragon Khemadia. Players will find themselves facing their own personal demons as they progress through the quests, including their Temper, Self-Doubt, and Guilt in this god-killing, time-traveling mission.




With each personal demon vanquished players will unlock a new “Apex” active or passive skill for their character, expanding their toolkit and enhancing existing abilities with new properties.


Bluehole’s not developing a TERA sequel after all


Korean MMO maker Bluehole Studio officially shot down long-circulating rumors about an in-development TERA sequel this week. While the firm is working on two new games — currently codenamed Project W and Project EXA — they “will only be similar to TERA in terms of western fantasy design,” according to MMO Culture.

The studio is also developing a mobile TERA spin-off tentatively titled Elin Expedition which features turn-based combat and additional Arborean lore and backstory.

TERA: Rising – October update delivers new high-level dungeons


The fantasy world of action MMO TERA: Rising is being enhanced with additional content. The Steampunk workshop update provides player groups from level 60 with four brand-new dungeons consisting of a 10 player raid, a 3 or 5 player instance and a defence dungeon for 7 players. Heroes that face new dangers will be rewarded with an abundance of loot. Aside from the items included in the new PvE game content, the selection of PvP and crafting items has been increased. The item shop also gets some new additions: impressive Steampunk style equipment adds visual diversity.

Fighting evil together

The 10 player raid instance, Wonderholme, takes inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. Arborea’s adventurers go into battle against fantastic opponents who are reminiscent of the well-known characters from the novel. The instance will be playable in both Normal and Hard modes.

The Channelworks are a new addition to TERA, being the first dungeon for 3 players which has no class restrictions. Before heroes brave the dangers in the subterranean tunnels, they can call upon one of 3 helpers who will stand by them during battle. The group line up decides what kind of role the supporter takes.

Of abandoned fleets and fierce giants

A fleet loaded with the mineral Noctenium has run aground at the Jagged Coast. The last report from the rescue party indicated that monsters were on board the abandoned ships. In The Shattered Fleet, a new 5 player instance, brave fighters take on the problem and eliminate the raging disaster.

In Kezzel’s Gorge, a defence dungeon aimed at 7 players, a formidable opponent is awaiting fearless adventurers: Kezzel the giant is on the rampage there, trying to regain his riches, which were stolen by treasure hunters.

Fun and equipment for the whole country

Where new BAMs appear, fresh loot won’t be far away. Aside from new items in the instances and the raid, the update also brings additional items from the battlefields. It’s also worth crafting powerful new PvE and PvP equipment. To get hold of the special materials that are needed for this, the players have to prove themselves in demanding combat and challenges.

Three new festivals, providing exciting entertainment through special quests, instances and mini-games, promise a change from the hero’s daily pattern.

TERA: Rising : Checkin’ Out the End Game

En Masse Entertainment has announced a new “Level Up” event in which every player will be granted a permanent level 58 character, complete with all gear, if the event guidelines are properly executed.

The world of TERA is a big place — and we want you and your friends to experience as much of it as possible. That’s why we’re offering a free, permanent level 58 character for all new and existing accounts. The Level Up Test Event offers a great chance to bring a new or experienced MMO friend into TERA so you can group up and start adventuring together immediately. It’s also a great opportunity to try your hand at a new class without having to start from scratch.

This event is for a limited time only. If the test is successful, we will use the feedback to further improve your TERA experience going forward.

Here are the guidelines on getting your level 58:

• New characters created between Thursday, September 19 at 10 a.m. PST and Sunday, September 22 at 11:59 p.m. PST will be eligible for this event.

• You must create a race and class of your choosing and assign a name ending in “Level up
• Starting Monday, September 23, we will run a script that levels up eligible characters.

We will update here when the script starts, and when it completes.
- If you’re on the character when the script starts, you will be disconnected. Things will process just fine.
- If you’re on another character, you won’t be affected.
- We hope to complete the script within 24 hours, but that depends greatly on the number of participants in the test.

• Characters will provided with:

- Level 58
- 1 Name change voucher (non-tradable)
- 1 beginner mount.
- T11 soulbound gear for all classes (feel free to use the extra as fodder)
- All items will be sent to parcel
- All story quests (available, but incomplete)

While we are taking measures to ensure that the Level Up Test Event runs smoothly, we want to remind you that this is a test, which may result in technical issues or delays. Expect updates to this thread regarding such matters as well as announcements when we start and finish the script. If all goes as planned, all participants can look forward to a brand new level 58 character to adventure with in the world of TERA.

TERA celebrates first anniversary

Fantasy action MMO TERA turns one year old today, and En Masse is celebrating by throwing a month-long party through the end of May. The firm is awarding players with in-game raffle items, mystery boxes “filled with rare and valuable prizes,” and a new 10- and 20-person Kelsaik raid.

TERA‘s future looks bright, too, as En Masse has a 20v20 battleground update complete with strongholds, tanks, cannons, and airships waiting in the wings. The devs also have a new player-driven alliance system scheduled for the very near future.

Finally, En Masse has put together an anniversary infographic filled with esoterica like the number of accounts created (over 1.5 million), the ratio of male to female avatars (44.18 percent to 55.82 percent), and more.

The Secret World’s Issue #7 goes 007

April’s Game Director letter for The Secret World is hot off the presses, and in it Joel Bylos shared some juicy morsels about the next issue in store for the horror and conspiracy-laced game. He revealed that whereas Issue #6 was spiced with an Indiana Jones flavor, Issue #7 will be sprinkled with a distinct 007 zest. Yes, Bond. James Bond.

Set in Transylvania, Issue #7 directs players to investigate the presence of the werewolves in the area, which ultimately leads them to an Orochi facility secreted away below a glacier in the Carpathian Fangs. Along the way, players get to experience adventures as a secret agent, complete with daring chases (a snowmobile one at that!), dare-devil jumps from exploding bridges, and close shaves with laser beams near sensitive areas. There’s also a new auxiliary weapon to brandish — the flamethrower.

But the new goodies don’t stop there. Bylos introduced a new feature that allows for custom streaming of radio stations or playlists directly into the client as well as a some PvP changes including tweaks to the matchmaking system. He concluded with some teasers about Black Ops and Issue #8.

The Secret World One month celebration Details Announced

Besides answering questions from viewers while hoofing it around London and Kingsmouth, the developers of The Secret World revealed this tasty tidbit during the official livestream that just wrapped up: TSW will be open for anyone to play next weekend.

To mark the one-month anniversary, Funcom will be hosting events, giving players fireworks to set off, and offering rewards for completing a set series of missions. But more than that, gamers interested in checking out the game will be able to log in for the weekend and experience it for themselves. Players will be able to use accounts created for beta even if they did not purchase the game; those who don’t have an account can make one in order to participate. The devs promised that more details would be forthcoming.

The festivities run from Friday, August 3rd to Monday, August 6th. If you manage to solve 30 in-game missions during that time, you’ll score an in-game t-shirt and 1200 Funcom bonus points for use in TSW’sitem shop. Free fireworks can also be claimed all weekend (up to 15 per character), and Funcom will be running special event leaderboards to acknowledge the 100 most dedicated mission solvers in The Secret World.

The weekend is also freely available to anyone interested. Whether you have an old beta account, an inactive retail account, or no account at all, you’re welcome to take the game for a test drive. If you don’t have an existing account, you can sign up for the celebration weekend on the right side of the official website.


TERA Korea – Free to Play server Opens

TERA Korea is celebrating its latest update, Queen of Argon Part II, starting today.  There are new maps, new equipment, skill overhaul for Lancer and Warrior, and more. Here are a couple of events going on:

1. Free to Play server: 4th July – 9th August 2012

There is a new server which allows players to level till 50 for free. Yes, pay nothing at all and get to enjoy all content up till level 50. After that, players can opt to transfer their characters to an official paid server. As the dates above suggest, this server will only be opened for a couple of weeks.

2. Free 30 days game time for new and ex-players, 50% more PvP honor points and 20 medals per day per login (used to trade for equipment and various items from NPC).

3. Warrior gains a new defensive dual-sword block skill instead of having to dodge attacks, while Lancer gets increased survivability during solo PvE and PvP.

4.  Decreased leveling curve

5. Improved tailoring system, 1 of the crafting skills in the game

Prior to this mega update, there was also a server merge (again) last week. Apparently there are now 13 servers instead of the previous 15, which was shrunk down from an initial 35 (link).