Trove is the Most Original MMO Right Now

Often in the MMO world, we get a little tired of seeing the same game released by different companies and called something new. There are gems that try to break the mold, but few really just go for it. Perhaps it’s the general freedom afforded by the IP and visual stylings, but the bravest MMO on the market right now is none other than Trion Worlds’ Trove.




I’ll admit up front, I don’t play regularly. It’s one of those games I always want to dive into more, but never seem to have the time. That hasn’t stopped several million other folks from enjoying it across PC, PS4, and Xbox. Hell, I’ve jokingly tried to prod Trion about a Switch release in recent months, and I wouldn’t put it past them to be the first MMO on Nintendo’s new console. Trion, once founded as a AAA studio with dozens of millions of dollars to make a fairly traditional MMORPG, has quietly become one of the leaders in MMO experimentation with the unassuming voxel based Trove.




It’s gone from a game that was merely trying to take the idea of Cube World and do it with a more robust team, and turned itself into a fully-featured MMORPG with most everything every MMO gamer could want. Of course, not every gamer likes voxels, or the visual style that comes with them, and ergo many may dismiss the title outright. And as someone who has a hard time playing games with eastern influenced art, I can understand that. I like my MMOs grounded in western fantasy or sci-fi.


Trove, is definitely not that. It’s bright, it’s loud, it’s blocky, and it’s all over the place. And I think that’s why I’ve kind of loved it since day one. It’s never been my go-to game, and yet I can always count on it to be there with fun when I need it. More so, with each new update, they’re proving that it can kind of be any game it wants to be. The most recently announced Heroes expansion effectively turns Trove into City of Heroes for part of the game. A new class based on the golden age of comics, new massive world bosses, a story focused in and around a massive city in the Neon biome called Luminopolis.




I love that Trion feels unbridled with Trove, that it just tried any old thing with the game. While Adventures was a “safe” update, and it gave players things they’d long wanted for Clubs (guilds), it still added so much new to the game. It’s not easy for an MMO to make the kind of updates that drastically shift the theme of the game the way the upcoming Heroes expansion does. That’s simply because most MMOs are slaves to their own IP. They have to keep things in universe. In Trove, wherever the designer’s whims take them, that’s where they can take the game. It’s beautiful freedom, and I’m just now realizing how exciting it can be.


Trove Bomber Royale





Battle Royale is taking over the world. Trion Worlds has announced that it will be adding a new mode to Trove called Bomber Royale, which allows throwdowns of up to 20 people in an exciting and chaotic new take on the Battle Royale formula.


Only one Trovian will be left standing, as you throw bombs at each other, collect power-ups, and cause carnage to the terrain.


Here’s what the official press release says:



In Trove Bomber Royale, the gameplay is fast and frenetic, where players are placed onto one of three different maps together, and must throw bombs at each other in order to be the sole survivor of the skirmish. There are several different bomb types at your disposal, including bouncing bombs, sticky bombs, and more. Players can also utilize a variety of moves and power-ups, including a grappling hook to zip away from (or towards) danger and healing-based items.




The edges of the playfield will slowly disintegrate as the round progresses, stripping away the terrain and forcing players to get up close and personal with their foes in the battle arena. If that weren’t enough, Trove Bomber Royale also features destructible terrain as you can use your bombs to alter the landscape, adding another frantic twist to the gameplay!




The top players in each match will earn a special seasonal currency that they can then spend on season boxes, season-specific auras, and other cool items from merchants. Loot tables are refreshed often, and any experience that you gain for your character in the Bomber Royale mode will carry over to your adventures in Trove!




After holding 2 open beta tests, En Masse announced that Tera would be launching on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on April 3, 2018. As with most game launches these days, En Masse will be selling founder’s packs with the game’s release ranging from $29.99 and up. The base game itself will be free to play though.

Given the action oriented controls I suspect Tera will be a success on consoles. It’s unfortunate though that the PC version isn’t cross platform compatible with consoles.

Tera’s xbox one and ps4 open beta lands march 9


TERA has some fantastic news coming at you : After several months of tech testing, the console beta is almost here!
“The Open Beta for TERA on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system will run from March 9, 2018 at 6:00 a.m. Pacific (PST) until March 12, 2018 at 12:00 a.m. Pacific (PST). PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will have access to the Beta by visiting the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store beginning on March 9.”

En Masse says Bluehole “has taken great care to adapt the vast world of TERA and its best-in-genre action combat to console platforms. […] Consoles need a solid MMORPG and TERA is prepared to deliver.” Well now, that’s a lot more confidence than the teams had a few months back! Formal launch on both is still expected later this spring.



Happy second birthday, Trove! Here, have a slice of cake. It’s somewhat pixelated and the frosting is made out of dirt, but we hear that’s how you like it best. Indeed, back on July 9th, 2015, this odd voxel MMORPG erupted from the mind-womb of Trion Worlds and has actually become somewhat of a sleeper hit in the industry.

And perhaps for the anniversary or perhaps because Trove loves to throw events on days that end with “Y,” the game is giving out a free golden ticket chest as a login reward from now through July 24th, with dragons and a “ludicrous” number of mounts as potential prizes.

Trove has also activated two weeks of pretty much every bonus event in the game, including double XP and more harvesting. “Two weeks of daily bonuses sounds too good to be true — but this is the truest truth to ever true,” the team said.