Patch 5.3 update adjusts Pet Battles

World of Warcraft has grown so large and ambitious that patches can focus on individual meta-games without even touching the main title. The next patch, for example, will focus entirely on the Pet Battles system, working to reduce randomness in matches.
Pet battles, as they stand, have a relatively high amount of randomness.There are two ways to see it now. First, pay attention to your fight logs and average the number of hits/miss vs crits. You’ll find this can fluctuate wildly between battles of the same pets using the same abilities. The other way to tell that there is a significant random element is to pay attention to how much health your pet lost after each battle — sometimes it’s a lot, othertimes it’s not that much — and this amount can vary wildly. In an extreme example, your pet might go from 100% to 10% health one battle, and then go from 100% to 90% the next (against the same pet and level). That’s a lot of difference, and this tends to be less than fun.

“In a turn-based game, randomness can be a lot of fun if handled correctly,” the blog states. “Without a little randomness, the outcome of a match could be predicted to a high degree of certainty before the first swing, and that’s no fun. Randomness often works best when it is opt-in, often in exchange for greater attack power, longer duration, etc. In fact, many higher-damage battle pet abilities already had a reduced chance to hit, which will now be visible.”

Some of the other highlights of the change coming up in patch 5.3:

  • Hit chance will now be listed on abilities
  • Crit chance has not been messed wth
  • Higher level opponents will be easier to hit (miss chance per level down from 5% to 2%)