SWTOR 2.4 : Warzone Arenas Detailed

For almost a year, PvP content in the popular Star Wars: The Old Republic has been getting pretty dry due to the lack of content. To make up the ten months of no content to the PvP players, BioWare announced that the upcoming SWTOR Game Update 2.4 is said to bring tons of PvP upgrades and content. This week, they finally revealed more information as what the PvP community can expect.

We know for a fact that the PvP community is slowly dying as they realize BioWare isn’t focusing much on PvP. The end result of this unfortunate event was the PvP community giving up on the game. Well, that could change as the upcoming Game Update 2.4 is a big update for every PvP player out there that used to play SWTOR and could make them come back.

One of the biggest additions in the upcoming update that could bring back the PvP community is the addition of Warzone Arenas. Instead of an objective team-based Warzones we are all accustomed for the past year and a half, players will now have an option to join in arenas where four players in a group will have to fight to death. Whichever team manages to survive in three rounds will win the match. Similar to past Warzones, players will also receive commendations and other rewards for participating, which means expect new gear to grind and more.

When Game Update 2.4 goes live this October, one of the things the community will notice is the new PvP/Warzone Queue Window. This time, the layout and presentation will be rather simple than fancy compared to the old ones we are currently seeing right now. A solo player or a group of up to four can join the Warzones queue in which the game will put the group into a random type matches, including the Arenas. To make it simpler, there will be no changes to the way everyone queues except you will now see another game type which is the Arena.

Players who have been having trouble forming up a group of eight in a warzone will no longer have to worry about it when the new update launches in two months. Instead of sticking up to the 8v8 warzones, they have decided to downsize it to 4v4, making it easier for everyone to queue up and play. According to the dev team, there is no word if they will ever bring back the 8v8 playstyle in the future but it could be possible if things changes. In other words, if the PvP community grows once again, they will put it back.