Age of Wushu: Transcendence coming on January 14th

Age of Wushu

Is one of your new year’s resolutions to become a martial arts master? Then you’ll want to take advantage of the unveiled teachings of Age of Wushu: Transcendence when the patch lands on January 14th.

The content update will unlock the fifth level of inner skill and make high-level manuals available, transforming players into formidable fighters. Players can use these new abilities to tackle the three additional forbidden instances coming to the game: Hell King’s Dungeon, the Jinling Incident, and the Qiandeng Crisis.

Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny coming in October


Never feel lonely in Age of Wushu again! As of next month, a new content update for the sandbox martial arts MMO will feature a companion system that allows offline players to continue assisting their friends as NPCs.

“Players going offline can allow themselves to be available as companions for those clever and committed enough to earn their loyalty,” Snail posted. “While offline, these players can receive special rewards from their online brothers in arms, and in exchange are available to be summoned to their aid during a fight.”

Age of Wushu: Winds of Destiny is the sixth so-called “expansion” for the game. In addition to companions, there will be a new zone called Delightful Island, a special Flower Prince Contest, a Path of the Departed adventure, and a dungeon called the Silver Hook. The update will be free for all players.

Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero beta


Age of Wushu might have a bit of competition in Perfect World’s newest Wuxia-themed MMO Legend of the Condor Heroes Zero. Despite the fact that the title sounds like a bunch of random words thrown together, Steparu took a close look at the game in its current beta state to let us know what to expect.

In true Steparu style, we get a very detailed look at everything from character customization to gameplay to combat and more as shown in the videos embedded after the cut. Steparu ultimately thinks the game deserves another look in a more finished stage, but you can read more impressions over at the official review page.

Age of Wushu Studio Drama: Palace of Shifting Flowers

Palace of Shifting Flowers

As the step of “Tempest of Strife” expansion coming near, Age of Wushu team today unveiled a new studio drama named Palace of Shifting Flowers.

Xi Chi sat as the wind and rain rushed on, waiting for the return of her lost love, Yang Peifeng. Seasons had come and gone, and still he had not returned. With autumn’s advance at hand, she felt each a day a stillness soak through her, drenching her like a chill rain. The days grew colder, harder, ever more solitary. As Xi gazed upon the empty horizon, regret and anguish stabbed at her long-suffering heart. She had decided: she would join the mysterious Palace of Shifting Flowers. In later days, she won the admiration of the disciples and mastered the peerless Seven Techniques of the Flower Goddess. However, that is only the beginning of her story.

Age of Wushu’s new ‘warrior maiden’ sect

Age of Wushu

Snail has updated its Age of Wushu website with another new sect preview from the martial sandbox’s upcoming Tempest of Strife expansion.

Today’s reveal is the Palace of Shifting Flowers, which boasts “a balanced set of skills featuring both melee and ranged attacks.” The Palace is a group of female-only apostles that Snail calls a “zealous cadre of warrior maidens sworn to seek vengeance from the the men who wronged them.”

Age of Wushu merging servers next week

If you reside on the White Tiger or Black Tortoise servers in Age of Wushu, you’ll see a change in your world next week. When the servers come back up after the scheduled weekly maintenance on August 28th, only one of those two servers will remain; in order to improve the player experience, everyone from Black Tortoise will be merged onto a freshly reset White Tiger.

To answer questions and help prepare players for the merge, Snail Games has created a FAQ post, which includes such tidbits as all school positions and guild territories will be reset. To help prepare the servers, there will be an hour-long special maintenance for those two servers only on Monday, August 26th starting at 1:01 a.m. EDT. The merge will then take place on Wednesday when maintenance begins at 4:00 a.m. EDT.

Age of Wushu : Legends of Mount Hua Launch Day

Age of Wushu is expanding early with the official launch of the Legends of Mount Hua expansion. To mark the occasion, Snail Games has released a brand new information about the new features and systems that will arrive with Mt. Hua.


  • Mount Hua Competition – Top players of the server fight for legendary titles, costumes and the famed Heavenly Sword.
  • Yanmen Pass – Re-enact history with this new 18-man instance: 3 storylines, each with different gameplay and escalating difficulty
  • Youyun Sixteen Area Prefectures Battle Arena – Fight for conquest in this 40 vs 40 pvp battleground filled with supporting tasks and multiple ways to victory.
  • Martial Brothers System – Bridging the gap between old and new players, low levels can quickly power up and enjoy discounts on learning skills by mentoring under a veteran player.
  • Jianghu Factions System – Players spread fame amongst major Jianghu factions / NPCs to earn titles, costumes, missions, items and more.
  • Jianghu Heroic Playstyle & Treasure System – Players fill the Heroic Bar and challenge Jianghu Heroes to earn unique treasures with stat bonuses.
  • Jianghu Gratitude & Revenge System – Players earn reputation with certain NPCs for companionship in forbidden instances and the over-world (gratitude) or install lethal distraction upon enemies.