ArcheAge 3.0 Is Days Away from Reaching the Korean Server – 4 New Trailers


Teased until now, update 3.0 has now a clear path straight to ArcheAge, the Korean version. Update 3.0 will mark the return of the long forgotten Goddes of Hatred. Some slices from this massive update have been previously revealed by XLGAMES. We know that update 3.0 will feature two new playable races – Warborn and Dwarves.

Rocky Mountain and Scorching Wilderness are two new starting zones, one for each race. Rocky Mountain will be the starting point for Dwarven race, while the Scorching Wilderness will be the zone from where the Warborn race will start its adventure

The character customization section has been updated and features now a large variety of options, similar to the ones that you find in Black Desert. With this new update, features like labor points, warehouse slots, gold revenues, upgrade success rates and many more will be improved.

The Korean servers will receive update 3.0 on July 13th.

ArcheAge tosses its end-of-holiday update on the test server


Testing out an update that’s mostly meant to just turn off the holiday event might seem to be overkill, but ArcheAge has seen such problems with bugs that the team behind the game is apparently taking no chances. A small patch is currently available on the test server and will go live later this week; it contains the shut-off for all of the holiday events (so players with gifts or stockings should use them before the deadline).

This build also contains adjustments to the MTX Pet Healing Potion; the potion will now heal pets for 100% of their health, and a future build will add a resurrection effect. A Marketplace addition is also slated to go live on the test servers within the next few days. If you want to make sure that everything’s working fine after the event gets turned off, you can hop on the test server today.

ArcheAge details its upcoming update, PTS, and holiday events


What do stockings, a vengeful sea goddess, and a dragon have in common? No, it’s not a titillating new fantasy paperback. It’s ArcheAge‘s next update. Version 1.2 Build 4.6 (as it is officially known) heralds the introduction of the Red Dragon to Erenor, an insane ancient Wyrmkin that will test the mettle of the strongest adventurers. Additionally, the jealous sea goddess Dahuta will make traveling the waters near her domain even more treacherous. Other update tidbits include a five-second forced delay between land claim attempts “in order to disrupt rapid spam-placement attempt tools” and the sale of the Comet speedster for 800 gilda. Players can test these new experiences out on the newly launched public test server. More information on all this and instructions for installing the PTS can be found on the official site and the PTS FAQ.

This update also introduces the Winter Maiden Festival for the holidays. Featuring buff-giving trees you decorate and stockings you assemble all from loot drops, the event sees players decking the mobs with swords and staffs all through the season. Plushie collectors have the chance to acquire seven new snowman plushies to decorate their homes.

Enjoy a heaping helping of pre-holiday ArcheAge adventures


What do ArcheAge and Thanksgiving dinner have in common? A plethora of turkeys, ducks, geese, pumpkins, yams, corn, cream, and more. Tonight, Massively’s MJ is taking a break from holiday preparations to dive into more ArcheAge adventures. (OK, let’s be honest here — she’s been taking a break from ArcheAge to actually try to prepare for the holiday!) What’s on the menu? It could be the Minions in a dungeon, some sneaking around the Nuian continent, or maybe just having a few hauler races! Join us live at 7:00 p.m. to enjoy a slice of ArcheAge life before your yearly turkey coma.

Watch ArcheAge’s leviathan raid boss smash a player ship

ArcheAge's leviathan raid boss

Curious about ArcheAge‘s endgame? 2P has published a partial look at it in the form of a level 50 leviathan raid. Unlike most MMO raids, though, this one features seven phases of PvE action followed by a PvP portion that pits pirate players vs. non-pirate players for the right to claim the beast’s body.

It’s worth noting that 2P’s information comes from the Chinese version of ArcheAge.

ArcheAge’s northern continent opens November 4


TrionĀ hasĀ announced that ArcheAge‘s Auroria continent will officially launch on November 4th.

The northern landmass features six additional zones, four of which will be claimable by guilds. Trion also notes that “30 percent more housing space will be available to players
throughout these four claimable zones.”

A new dungeon is also included, as is a farm wagon and a submarine.

ArcheAge battles queues with new servers, character creation blocks


In a post on the official ArcheAge site last night, Trion Worlds confirmed that it had opened two new servers and shut down character creation on others to alleviate some of the queue congestion plauging players since the game’s head start last weekend. The entry reads.

We’ve added two new worlds to our North American server list: Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA)! These servers were racked (physically installed) and imaged (updated with ArcheAge server software) in our Texas data center all in the past day. Here you can see Ezi (NA) and Lucius (NA) in their new home with Senior Systems Engineer Jonathan Johnson. These two servers will be on the new Auction House cluster 5 (AH5). These new servers are now online and available to play right now: Friday September 19 at 4:15 PM PDT (GMT-7).

Critically, four US servers — Kyrios, Ollo, Salphira, and Aranzeb — have been “temporarily closed to new character creation,” so we sure hope you aren’t trying to join friends there today.

The studio also says new European servers are physically en route to the Amsterdam data center.

ArcheAge is a go for launch!


The packed ballroom at Trion’s PAX Prime party erupted into giddy cheers last night when the team announced that ArcheAge‘s launch is merely a couple of weeks away. This gorgeous fantasy sandbox blew up the alpha test population and is poised to be a huge coup for Trion as the studio adds another title to its growing portfolio.

While the official launch date is September 16th, there will be an open beta from September 4th through the 8th, followed by a headstart launch on the 12th for founders.

The team expressed confidence in the alpha testing and the back-and-forth communication with developer XLGAMES. If XLGAMES is the proud mom and dad of ArcheAge, I was told, then Trion is the proud auntie and uncle. A lot of work has gone into straightening out regional differences for the western audience as well. For example, in Korea it’s quite common to play an MMO with the intent of selling your character for actual money, which places a different value and emphasis on what you accumulate and do. Since such sales aren’t often legal here, adjustments had to be made for the localized version. There was also a special cape item that Korean players could use to identify botters, which was used responsibly in that country but has apparently been wielded as a griefing tool in the west.

ArcheAge won’t be budging on its commitment to an open PvP world; it’s simply how the game is constructed. Players who want to avoid getting ganked will need to keep an eye on war zones that move throughout the world and accept the inherent risk that comes with attempting trade in those regions.

The team hopes that there will be enough space on the servers for all subscribers to grab an open world housing plot if desired. Coming some time after launch will be castles, which are larger structures that guilds can build, maintain, and defend together. Trion said that server transfers won’t be in for release but are being worked on for the future.

ArcheAge’s second beta event starts July 30th

ArcheAge's second beta

With one jam-packed closed beta event out of the way, ArcheAge is revving up for another one. The title’s second closed beta event, Settling Sail, will take place from Wednesday, July 30th, through Monday, August 4th.

Trion Worlds announced that the first closed beta’s servers filled up within 18 minutes, and as such, it will be expanding the second beta event to be “three times as big” as the first with more invites rolling out.

The good news from the packed beta event last weekend is that the hardware performed great on Trion’s side and that the devs have made changes to improve the game: “You also helped us to identify and fix challenges with some of the custom integration for our version! During the event, we were also adapting our own anti-spam and anti-bot software in real time. With your input, we’re reviewing a number of systems with XLGAMES, including use of labor while you’re hunting and looting, labor regeneration rates for online and offline players, and the availability of Archeum. We’re also looking into the feasibility of XLGAMES adding an ability queue and mouse inverting.”

ArcheAge alpha is officially underway

ArcheAge alpha

Trion Worlds has announced that the alpha test version of XLGAMES’ ArcheAge is now underway. Yes, that sentence was real. No, you don’t need to rub your eyes and re-read it; the game is finally in testing after lying dormant for so long that many feared it had been quietly shelved. We’re staring down the barrel of more testing and an ultimate release.

You don’t believe it? That’s fair. Don’t take our word for it; take it from the trailer just past the cut that’s being used to advertise the start of testing. Admittedly, it isn’t showing off in-game footage, but it is in English. Besides, it’s cool. The long wait for English ArcheAge fans won’t be quite so long now, especially as press has the testing NDA dropped and can start talking about our experiences in the client.