how to steal from NPCs in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online

“Justice is coming to Tamriel,” according to ZeniMax’s latest website notice. It’s probably more accurate to say that criminality is coming to Tamriel, though. More specifically, Elder Scrolls Online‘s upcoming Update 6 features the justice system which will enable your avatar to participate in a variety of underhanded activities including murder and thievery.

The latter involves relieving hapless NPCs of their valuables while avoiding those pesky town guards, and the former involves assaulting and even killing AI citizens. At some point you’ll end up with a bounty on your head, which in turns affects how guards react to your presence.

Elder Scrolls Online tweaks champion points conversion rate


The new endgame champion system coming to Elder Scrolls Online in Update 6 is the talk of Tamriel, and ZeniMax is evaluating feedback carefully to make sure that it launches without a hitch. The studio announced on Friday that it will be making a change to how it will convert veteran ranks to champion points.

Originally, the studio was going to give a blanket 30 champion points to any player who had at least one veteran rank on a character. Based on feedback, ZeniMax will now be converting veteran ranks to champion points at the rate of 200,000 XP per point at the moment of Update 6′s release, for a maximum of 70 potential champion points for one’s entire account.

The studio made it clear that champion points will not cost 200,000 XP after Update 6; this conversion rate is specifically for veteran ranks pre-release.

Elder Scrolls Online definitely coming to consoles in 2015


ZeniMax has posted a holiday greeting to Elder Scrolls Online fans that also promises a console launch for the fantasy MMO in 2015. “We’ve released five major updates and tons of improvements and fixes,” the blurb reads. “Next year promises to be just as exciting as we introduce the Champion and Justice systems, launch on the PS4 and Xbox One, and continue to release new adventures for you to experience.”

Elder Scrolls Online offers new guild heraldry


If you’re excited for August’s Elder Scrolls Online upcoming update, then today’s ZeniMax devblog will be a welcome one… though not one that promises sweeping changes for the game. Specifically, the new post previews some of the new symbols that guilds can adopt as their official crests. “You’ll probably recognize some of them, like the symbols for the Divines and the Daedric Princes,” write the developers. “Combine these with even more crests, a huge color palette, and different tabard shapes, and your guild will have its own memorable look.”

Elder Scrolls Online : Veteran Dungeons Subject of Latest “Creating ESO” Series

Veteran Dungeons

The latest in a series of articles regarding the creation and development of Elder Scrolls Online has been published on the official site. In this issue, the team discusses the process behind Veteran Dungeons and how they differ from “normal” dungeons to give experienced players a challenge.

In Veteran Dungeons, we want to bring your group a worthy challenge, take you to incredible new places in and outside of Tamriel, and expand the stories started by the normal versions of our dungeons. Some of the most complex fights in the game wait for you in them, and you’ll have to coordinate, learn strategies, and probably die trying several times before you achieve success. When your group finally prevails, you’ll get excellent rewards and see the story progress through events and NPCs you’ve met.

All of our dungeons have stories that unfold as you explore them, and it’s important to us to continue to develop them in the Veteran versions. Dungeons give us an opportunity to introduce you to new characters, re-introduce you to old ones, and to tell some of the story through scripted events—not only in-between fights, but as part of the bosses themselves. Plus, we get to draw on the incredible lore base of The Elder Scrolls, so we get to take you and your group to places like planes of Oblivion and explore other iconic elements of the setting.