EVE’s CSM X candidacy opens today


EVE Online developer CCP is accepting applications for its Council of Stellar Management beginning today. The CSM is a democratically elected group of 14 EVE players chosen annually by their peers and tasked with maintaining “close and constant contact with EVE development.”

Candidates must not have “any records of serious breach of the EULA and/or TOS,” CCP says in its announcement post.

EVE Online: Kronos goes live

EVE Online

EVE Online deployed the Kronos content update-slash-expansion today, and CCP is calling on all pilots to get out there and kick some major pirate booty. Er, butts. Heinies.

Kronos includes new pirate ships, a mess of ship rebalancing, more exploration sites, and plenty of improved visuals. The hefty 1.2 GB patch comes with equally impressive notes to peruse while you update the game.

Kronos represents the first update on CCP’s accelerated six-week cycle.

what else is coming in EVE’s Kronos


Last week CCP shared what EVE Online players can expect with June 3rd’s Kronos release. Today, the firm has published another lengthy dev blog with even more internet spaceship goodness. There’s an improved Typhoon model, new low-sec contraband sites, low slots on freighters and jump freighters, and improved visuals on EVE‘s Mac client (as well as improved Mac-specific customer service).

EVE Online: the 5 most dangerous solar systems


EVE Online is a PvP game at its core, with conflict built in at a fundamental level. Pirates lurk around key trade routes and stand ready to pounce on unsuspecting victims, while vast nullsec alliances protect their territories with watchful vigilance and never-ending bloodlust. Wander into the wrong solar system as a new player and your precious ship and cargo will be turned into molten slag and a few points on a killboard quicker than you can say, “Hello, new friend, and what does that red square on your ship mean?”

The original map of EVE was generated one evening by an Icelandic developer who could scarcely have known he was deciding the fates of thousands of gamers for years to come. New systems have been added to the game over the years, and a few manual changes have been made to the stargate network, but most of the universe has remained the same for over a decade. In all that time, a few solar systems have stood out as brazen bastions of bastardly behaviour and made their marks on EVE‘s history.

This is list of the top five most dangerous solar systems in EVE‘s long history and be careful .
Rancer: Home of the pirates
PF-346: The last untamed wilderness
Tama: Faction warfare meets piracy
HED-GP: Gateway to the south
Jita: The safest system in EVE?

EVE Online : First Version of the Timeline Appears

A new developer blog lays out a few details about the new EVE Timeline, a new project to collect and display the history and lore of the EVE Online universe. In addition, DUST 514 lore is being included to give players a complete picture of the history of the two games.

As of right now, Have launched the first version of an interactive timeline that explains the setting and lore of EVE Online and DUST 514. To begin with sticking with core concepts: how the New Eden universe is discovered and colonized, how the collapse of the EVE Gate isolates the pioneers and how they eventually become the major empires and controlling forces in this dark and unforgiving universe. In coming months we will expand on the functionality of this timeline to include excerpts from the True Stories initiative as well as other accounts of significant player events. But for this first iteration, we’re focused on the setting and lore of EVE.