Guild Wars 2 API opened up to community

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has opened up the game’s API to the community, which will allow players to create their own tools, mobile apps and bolt-ons from now on. PCGamesN reports that the opening up of Guild Wars 2′s code will help spark a lot of players’ creativity. According to the team, its code is so versatile that users can even make their own iOS and Android apps for any kind of purposes related to the game. It’s a pretty nice move for fans of the game, and it will allow support to live on outside of the developers.

In a statement, designer Mike Zadorojny said, “We have a team working on exposing some of the code to the player base. We have APIs the players can tie into. The fans are already working on a Google Maps for Tyria that lets you zoom in and see what’s going on at the individual map level.

We’ve exposed what events are running and where they’re running too, so say you’re on Metrica Province, you’ll be able to determine what events are on right now and where they are at that location. If you want to know the current World versus World status and who owns what towers and keeps, all that information is being exposed. We’re going to keep adding new features and exposing more code.”

Guild Wars 2 : Uncovering the Sea of Sorrows Novel

One of the nicest things to help fill in lore questions is to read novels based on our favorite game worlds. ArenaNet has announced that a new novel based on the Guild Wars 2 universe will be released soon and we have a preview to share. See what you think before heading to the comments to chat.
ArenaNet has done an amazing job giving Guild Wars 2 rich lore to help make the world feel alive. As players adventure through the land of Tyria, they find pieces of history, helping to connect the game to the original series. But there are hundreds of years between the games, so what happened in the time between them? Luckily there have some great novels to come in and tell us the tale. The newest novel, Sea of Sorrows written by Ree Soesbee, takes readers to the past, 150 years before the events of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 celebrates the Dragon Bash Festival Next Week

Guild Wars 2 will host a Dragon Bash festival next week where various activities, exclusive rewards, and other various goodies will be awaiting players who participate. The official Guild Wars 2: Dragon Bash festival will begin on Tuesday 11th June. The developers released a statement on the event stating, “To honour another year of survival in the shadow of the Elder Dragons, the defiant citizens of Lion’s Arch have banded together for a boisterous festival full of fun activities, exclusive rewards and explosive surprises. During the celebration, players will be introduced to Marjory Delaqua, an investigator who travels in the shadowy underworld of Lion’s Arch”.

The Dragon Bash festival is packed with new content and features:


Holographic Dragon Wings: Dedicated festival goers can earn two sets of exclusive dragon wings by participating in Dragon Bash activities.
Exclusive Weapon Skins: Those who take part can earn the exclusive Dragon’s Jade weapon skins — only available during Dragon Bash.

Dragon Ball: The ancient Tyrian pastime of Dragon Ball returns. Teams of players test their skills against one another in this fast-paced game of reflexes.
Moa Racing: Farshore Ward in Lion’s Arch is the site of the fast and furious Moa Races, where anything can happen.
Dragon Effigies and Piñatas: Combustible dragon effigies have been hidden everywhere. Perform a ritual dance to light them and receive a temporary boost. Keep an eye open for dragon piñatas strung up in honour of the festival – then break them open to receive tasty Dragon Bash candy.

Unique Festival Helm: Watch the skies above Lion’s Arch come alive with an explosive fireworks show every two hours from Friday 14th June at 17:00 BST to Monday 17th June at 17:00 BST. Stay through the finale and receive a unique festival helm – The Horns of the Dragon.
Lighting Ceremony: Tuesday 18th June, gather on the Grand Piazza of Lion’s Arch and join the jovial Magnus the Bloody Handed as he presides over an evening of merriment and cheer over the lighting of the dragon effigies.

Guild Wars 2 World vs. World Matchups Get Scrambled

Currently the way things work in Guild Wars 2‘s massive world vs. world vs. world PvP system is that hundreds of people from three different servers, or worlds, are matched up based on their ranking and compete to claim resources, overtake structures, and win rewards. ArenaNet, the developer of Guild Wars 2, has found that because of the way they calculate server ratings, the same servers are always being matched up against one another, and gamers don’t like that.

“This doesn’t create a lot of variety in matchups, and it actually locks servers into distinct tiers from which they can never escape! “Muwaahahahahahaha!” is what the Guild Wars 2 World vs. World matchup system might say if it was an evil overlord instead of a bunch of code. Thankfully it is not, and thus we have the power to change it,” said ArenaNet’s Jordan Massey.

How ArenaNet is tackling this problem is pretty simple. Worlds will still be fighting worlds of similar level, but they’re going to scramble the matchups from week to week so that everyone can play with some fresh faces.

World vs. World is a lot about tactics, and when you fight the same worlds with the same tactics you never really get to learn anything new and adapt your strategy,” said Jordan.

He continues, “This is your chance for your world to rally together, recruit more people, and try to overthrow a server above you. Like most of you, we love a good underdog story and now you’ll be able to write your own in WvW. At the end of the day, this is going to create new fresh matchups, let you see the tactics from different teams, bring some variety to the Eternal Battlegrounds, and help us to establish a more accurate new World vs. World order.”

Guild Wars 2 living story continues

After the frenzied battle against the Molten Alliance that concluded Guild Wars 2′s Flame & Frost update chain, it’s nice to see ArenaNet letting players kick back and relax with a soothing trip to the beach. Except, what’s this? The Secret of Southsun update, due out tomorrow, continues the living story with refugee riots and unnaturally aggressive wildlife. Can’t an MMO quester catch a Spring Break?

Taking place in Southsun Cove, the location of the game’s first (and somewhat controversial) Lost Shores update, you’ll be tasked with tracking down the source of the mysterious animal attacks. They’ll also be time for R&R of a sort – with a Crab Toss minigame making its debut.

Meanwhile, Polygon report that, during NCSoft’s latest quarterly financial conference call, the publisher revealed that they were “preparing an expansion pack.” No further details were given, but back in March, Guild Wars 2′s director Colin Johanson said, “Expansions are definitely something that we’ll potentially look at in the future, but we don’t have a timetable on it.”

“We’re open to it,” he added, “but I think our major focus as a studio is making the living world concept as strong as possibly can for the players that we’ve got.”

Guild Wars 2: adds custom PvP arenas

ArenaNet are teasing the finale to Guild Wars 2′s four-part Flame and Frost update series. Retribution will close out the “Living Story” that was started back in January, with a quest to assault an experimental weapons facility and defeat the Molten Alliance. It’s certainly a tonal shift after the happy pixel clouds and bright platforming of the MMO’s last update.

In addition to the story’s culmination, Retribution will also introduce a couple of PvP beta features – letting a limited number of players trial custom arena battles and spectator modes.

“With custom arenas, you can make your own place to play, you can organize private tournaments with friends, and you can challenge other teams to scrimmage,” writes ArenaNet server programmer Steve Bikun. Matches will be customisable through a number of rules, including team size, point and time limits, respawn type and balance.

Custom arena makers will also be able to toggle Spectator Mode on or off, allowing other players to watch these battles. According to programmer Evan Lesh, “Spectator mode is a great way for new PvP players to learn from more experienced players, and it will allow expert players to watch each other in order to refine their skill. It will also be an amazing tool for shoutcasting games between high-level teams.”

Other Retribution additions include new Guild Missions, new WvW abilities, and guild siege weapons for WvW. Flame on Frost: Retribution is out April 30th.

Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards Now Available

The points have been totaled since March, but gamers now have the ability to actually see their results in a number of categories now that the Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards are finally active. ArenaNet hopes to expand the functionality in future updates but you can already see how you stack up against fellow Guild Wars 2 players in three categories. Currently the lists are limited to the top 100 players in each category, but ArenaNet is looking at ways to expand that list and add in new ways to splice up the data displayed on the Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards.

PvP Guild Wars 2 Leaderboard

  • Dependent on Tournament Matches
  • Must have at least 10 complete matches to track stats (Only single round stats tracked)
  • PvP rating Rank display (but no calculation given yet)
  • Wins, Losses, and Win Percentage also displayed
  • Updated multiple times per day

WvW Guild Wars 2 Leaderboard

  • Similar to what has already be available on the Guild Wars 2 site
  • Ranked by world’s rating
  • Also includes rating, deviation, and volatility
  • Updated weekly

Achievements Guild Wars 2 Leaderboard

  • Only displays total achievement points for right now
  • Update schedule is uncertain but should be regular to facilitate competition

ArenaNet has pointed out that many more statistics would lend themselves to the Guild Wars 2 Leaderboards but wants to implement them slowly and with time to gather player feedback on potential issues and potential metrics to include.

Guild Wars 2 Devs To Focus On Polishing Existing Systems

Guild Wars 2 may be one of the more complicated MMORPGs out there—at least in terms of gameplay—offering a myriad of systems that far surpass anything most games have to offer outside the likes of EVE Online.

The game’s lead designer Isaiah Cartwright says that the developers intend on slowing down the addition of new systems and instead focus their efforts on adding polish to existing ones.

“We’re getting toward the tail end of the number of systems we feel that we can put in the game,” he said in an interview with Forbes. “We’ll be really working on improving the current systems we have and making them more robust.

“I want us to slow down on the number of systems that we’re adding and polish up and clean up the ones that we have added so they’re easier to understand, with better UI for them, those types of things, that’ll be some of the stuff that we’re focused on in the future. One of the major goals of GW was to allow anyone to jump in and play. We have a team dedicated to making sure that it’s easy, and we’re going to continue to improve that process as much as we can.”

The problem with the existing systems is that while most of them are serviceable, not all of them are as well implemented as they ought to be, such as the daily achievement system and World vs World battles.

Guild Wars 2 teases third part of Flame and Frost storyline for March 26

In the Guild Wars 2 four-part Flame and Frost storyline, The Razing, is set to begin on March 26, ArenaNet announced.

The Razing will introduce players to new characters Braham and Rox, who are struggling to protect their homeland. Players will join the pair in battle against those would seek to destroy their home, following their philosophy of doing the right thing without calculating the risk.

A new group called the Molten Alliance, which includes the dangerous Flame Legion and members of the mole-like dredge race, has cropped up in the Shiverpeaks region. The group is strong enough to mow down any who would oppose them, and as they close in on their targets, razing the grounds settlement by settlement, players will join the resistance and meet them on the battlefield.

The Razing is the third part in an epic storyline unfolding across Guild Wars 2 this winter. The previous part, The Gathering Storm, added a new PvP map, guild missions and bounties.

Guild Wars 2 brings more tricks to the WvW experience, living story

In Guild Wars 2 PvP, it’s you against the world. Well, you and the rest of your world against the other world. Fans of the WvW system will be happy to learn that there are more tweaks coming to the system in the game’s upcoming March patch, starting with the addition of ranks and abilities for players battling it out. The patch will also remove the culling system that prevented the game from displaying all of the players on the field at a given moment.

Players will earn ranks in WvW by earning World XP, which is awarded for doing pretty much whatever your character would normally do in WvW. Each new rank provides points to spend on abilities, all of which will start off as passive improvements like the ability to carry more supplies or do more siege damage. In the future, the developers want to add more active options so that WvW players feel as if they have an alternate advancement system past level 80, giving just a little more motivation to hit the WvW maps all over again.