Path of Exile releases expansion “manifesto”


Path of Exile has a new “manifesto” out this week describing the full extent of the balance changes coming in the 2.3.0 patch. Of note, expect tweaks to

  • environmental traps, chaos conversion, the Hexproof buff, and taunting;
  • unique jewel rarities, weapon stats for hybrids, support gems, and scepter and wand values;
  • skills like Ancestor Totems, Enfeeble, and Shield Charge as well as Arcane Vision in the passive tree;
  • and dungeon content, including a new boss.


Furthermore, “Cruel, Merciless and Map content requires various rebalances,” says Grinding Gear Games. “Rather than apply arbitrary buffs to life and damage, we have instead added monsters with new skills to higher difficulties, and applied various corrections to specific monster skills.”

Path Of Exile Ascendancy Impressions: Fun Features, Terrible Traps


Path of Exile: Ascendancy adds some significant things to the ever-evolving ARPG in the form of Ascendancy classes, a smattering of new skills, items, and abilities, enchantments, and the Lord’s Labyrinth – a sort of roguelike challenge that you only get one life in before you have to start the whole thing over. The Labyrinth’s layout changes daily, so in essence players get a unique, challenging experience against Emperor Izaro and his dangerous allies each day.


In addition to these core features, along with Ascendancy comes some new leagues that players can start in, the Perandus Challenge Leagues. These are available to both new standard and hardcore characters, and make the leveling and exploration process significantly more entertaining. Players will encounter Perandus chests and caches as they explore, often guarded by dangerous minions. These treasure troves contain various loot, but all contain some amount of Perandus coins.


Players can collect these coins and trade them in with the wandering Cadiro Perandus, who often has extremely powerful items to sell for these valuable coins. If you don’t want what he’s hawking but have a friend who could use that amazing piece of gear, invite them into your game and have them shell out their hard earned Perandus coins. This system is a great way to get some potent epic items while you go through the leveling process, and yet another option for acquiring some really choice pieces of gear later on in the game.


And then there’s the traps. These contraptions added to this expansion were probably intended to bring some puzzle elements to the Trials of Ascendancy and Lord’s Labyrinth, but in practice are quite frustrating. While the annoying lag that plagued Path of Exile for years is long gone and you shouldn’t have any issues maneuvering around towers of blades, spike wheels, and flame floors, these obstacles are mostly just uninteresting to move through and a pain to keep track of. It’s not a good feeling when you’re halfway through the Lord’s Labyrinth of the day and accidentally wander into a lethal trap – you’re back to square one, and it doesn’t often feel like you had much control over it. The rest of the features in the expansion are great additions, but I’m really not feeling the traps.


Path of Exile is loaded with so much to experience at this point, with many of the coolest parts of previous leagues carrying over in such a way that almost every screen has something special on it – it’s overloaded in a good way, with elite enemies and piles of well-guarded loot. With the new Perandus leagues just getting started, it’s great time to give the free-to-play ARPG a try.

Path of Exile Update 1.3 will start tournament season one

Path of Exile

A massive update for Path of Exile is a little over a week away, and when it arrives, it will bring joy, goodwill, and a walloping as the first season of tournaments commences.

There will be a lot of choices to consider when partaking in the tournament activities, too. Path of Exile will boast both European and American seasons with both standard and hardcore events. There will be free-for-all matches, blitz events, capture the flag, and weekend Swiss matchmaking rounds. Winners will have a shot at gaining alternate alt pieces for their characters.

Update 1.3 has a lot of other goodies for fans, including new Torment and Bloodlines challenge leagues.

Path of Exile plans a massive PvP update for patch 1.3


Path of Exile focuses each of its major updates around a certain element of play, and the next patch is no exception. For the 1.3 update, the development team is focusing on massively expanding and improving PvP. The patch will contain new challenge leagues (one of which is shown off in a video just past the cut), new items, and a passive skill tree improvement, but that’s small time compared to the huge changes coming for PvP fans.

Tournaments and PvP seasons are both being introduced, with the first season containing an alternate art item as a prize. There’s also a new PvP master being added to the game, allowing you to clear your daily quests via PvP. Last but most certainly not least, players will have the option of creating PvP-only characters that start out at level 28, although they’ll still have to hunt down their equipment on other characters. It’s a big update, and it’s currently scheduled to hit the live servers for the game on December 12th.

Path of Exile now accepting Karma Koins

Path of Exile

Do you need an alternate way to make purchases in Path of Exile? Yesterday, Grinding Gear Games declared to the world at large that it would also be accepting Karma Koins as payment. These are basically point cards that you can pick up from a variety of retailers for $10 to $50 each.

As an incentive for players to try out the Karma Koin system, Path of Exile will give out a Voidgate Portal effect for everyone who uses a card. Karma Koin claims to donate 1% of sales to charities, including one that brings drinking water to families in Cambodia.

Path of Exile revealed plans expand in the next patch

Path of Exile has been extremely well-received by players, but many have raised issues with the way that loot is distributed. Classic action RPGs that didn’t assign loot to any particular player, meaning whoever had the fastest fingers usually got everything. Path of Exile aimed to solve this problem by assigning each dropped item above a certain quality level to an individual party member for a few seconds, after which time anyone can swipe it.

The system works well on the whole, but not everyone is happy with having to stop mid-combat to pick up items, and some characters with long-range builds don’t have enough time to run in and grab their loot before it becomes a free-for-all. In the next patch, Grinding Gear has promised to add loot options for party leaders, who can select between a classic free-for-all loot system, the current system, or a Diablo III-style permanent loot allocation. The list of items that will be allocated to a particular player has also been expanded to encompass non-magic items with five or six linked sockets.