Summer plans of SWTOR updated

Summer of SWTOR

BioWare Senior Producer Bruce Maclean took to the forums today to give an updated plan for the “Summer of SWTOR” that’s coming to an MMO near you and to a galaxy far, far away.

The updated schedule for the next few months of the game are as follows:

  • June 10th: Game Update 2.8 arrives with a playable Nar Shaddaa Casino, double PvP currency events, a double Starfighter currency event, an overhaul to groupfinder operations, a nightmare mode for Dread Palace, an update to the nightmare mode for Dread Fortress, two new starfighters, and various tweaks.
  • June through August: BioWare will cycle through all of its major in-game events, one after another, between the launch of 2.8 and the arrival of 2.9.
  • August 19th: Game Update 2.9, also known as the Galactic Strongholds expansion, will unlock for subscribers. This will include the Forged Alliances storyline.

Maclean also teased that his team has “a lot of folks working on something very big for later this year that [he has] yet to give details on.”

SWTOR’s Game Update 2.7


BioWare has published Star Wars: The Old Republic’s 2.7 update. It includes a new story arc spanning two new level 55 flashpoints: Assault on Tython and Korriban Incursion. The story “will continue to be expanded through the year culminating in an incredible finale,” the company says.

Other additions include the Quesh Huttball Pit warzone, Dread Fortress nightmare mode, a new Galactic Starfighter domination map called Denon Exosphere, and “a plethora of bug fixes.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic Braces For The Dread War

The Dread Masters: they just sound scary. They’re also getting ready to take center stage in the next update to “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” which is appropriately titled “The Dread War.”

Game Update 2.4, as it’s also less colorfully known, promises to have a little something for everyone. First and foremost is Oricon, a new story mission area that will deal directly with the machinations of the Dread Masters and their probably equally scary fortress. Considering story is one of the main selling points of “The Old Republic,” this is something that should be a welcome addition.

Two new Level 55 Operations promise a chance to get have your high level characters get up close and personal with the Dread Masters and their servants, which is probably the only way The Dread War is going to be settled. And on the PvP front, the update will introduce three brand spanking new 4v4 Warzone Arenas (one each on Makeb, Tatooine, and on an orbital station) that will focus on best-of-three deathmatches in both ranked and unranked battles.

SWTOR 2.4 : Warzone Arenas Detailed

For almost a year, PvP content in the popular Star Wars: The Old Republic has been getting pretty dry due to the lack of content. To make up the ten months of no content to the PvP players, BioWare announced that the upcoming SWTOR Game Update 2.4 is said to bring tons of PvP upgrades and content. This week, they finally revealed more information as what the PvP community can expect.

We know for a fact that the PvP community is slowly dying as they realize BioWare isn’t focusing much on PvP. The end result of this unfortunate event was the PvP community giving up on the game. Well, that could change as the upcoming Game Update 2.4 is a big update for every PvP player out there that used to play SWTOR and could make them come back.

One of the biggest additions in the upcoming update that could bring back the PvP community is the addition of Warzone Arenas. Instead of an objective team-based Warzones we are all accustomed for the past year and a half, players will now have an option to join in arenas where four players in a group will have to fight to death. Whichever team manages to survive in three rounds will win the match. Similar to past Warzones, players will also receive commendations and other rewards for participating, which means expect new gear to grind and more.

When Game Update 2.4 goes live this October, one of the things the community will notice is the new PvP/Warzone Queue Window. This time, the layout and presentation will be rather simple than fancy compared to the old ones we are currently seeing right now. A solo player or a group of up to four can join the Warzones queue in which the game will put the group into a random type matches, including the Arenas. To make it simpler, there will be no changes to the way everyone queues except you will now see another game type which is the Arena.

Players who have been having trouble forming up a group of eight in a warzone will no longer have to worry about it when the new update launches in two months. Instead of sticking up to the 8v8 warzones, they have decided to downsize it to 4v4, making it easier for everyone to queue up and play. According to the dev team, there is no word if they will ever bring back the 8v8 playstyle in the future but it could be possible if things changes. In other words, if the PvP community grows once again, they will put it back.

SWTOR update 2.4 preview

The BioWare community team and Lead Designer Jesse Sky traveled to Wizard World ComicCon last week to give fans of Star Wars: The Old Republic a taste of the new upcoming content. The developers announced that, besides the arena PvP content, Update 2.4 will introduce players to two brand-new operations centering around the planet Oricon, the planet where the Dread Masters have been rumored to be hiding. Developers also gave every fan attendee a thumb drive containing concept art and screenshots from the planet.

If you are on the SWTOR mailing list, then you saw the teaser about the new Varactyl mount coming soon. The cantina crawlers in Chicago received a couple of screenshots and a video of the new mount.

Swtor Game Update 2.4

Swtor Game Update 2.4 is scheduled for October 1st, and according to SWTOR team this update is shaping up to be very big. See list below for a quick overview at announced features:

General Updates
The Planet Oricon, a short story arc that will bring you face-to-face with the Dread Masters.
New Operation: Dread Fortress
New Operation: Dread Palace
New 4v4 Warzone Arenas
New Elder Game PvE and PvP Gear

Warzone Arenas
New 4v4 Warzone Arenas are brand new deathmatch maps that should resolved Ranked Warzone queuing. Does this mean we can expect cross realms PvP queuing? According to Bruce Maclean’s, Senior Producer, this is not likely to happen with 2.4 update unfortunately. At latest Comic-Con they revealed three Warzone Arenas: Makeb, Tatooine and Space Garage.

Star Wars: The Old Republic update adds Ewok companion

Star Wars: The Old Republic‘s newest patch will introduce another NPC companion for players to recruit. Treek is a fierce mercenary who also happens to be a lovable, fuzzy Ewok.

Players will recruit Treek in fairly mundane fashion. You walk to the Cartel Bazaar at your faction’s fleet headquarters and pay a droid one million credits. You can also pay in Cartel Coins, the currency that can be purchased for real-world money now that the game’s free-to-play. You’ll need to be Legacy Level 40 to purchase Treek’s services as well, so she’s not a companion for newbies.

Though Treek is expensive company, she sounds very useful. She has two stances called X’ekra and Fektur that allow her to become a very effective tank or healer, respectively. Her list of abilities is split between these two roles. As you’d expect from an Ewok, her abilities are all very cutesy. For example, her AoE stun attack involves her throwing a bee hive at a group of enemies. She heals a group of friends by tossing berries at them.

Treek will be introduced in Patch 2.3 for Old Republic. Other content included in 2.3 includes a new area called CZ-198, a moon that belongs to the Czerka Corporation. The moon features new daily missions, along with two factions that offer new equipment. CZ-198 is also home to two Flashpoints for group play. The patch is currently on the Public Test Server and should go live soon.

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 partially teased; Bounty Hunter event coming

Gamers who went to Star Wars: The Old Republic Cantina Meetup in Los Angeles were pleased when BioWare teased what’s coming in Game Update 2.3.

Before they left the event, they were handed out a USB thumb drive that contained teaser images and information of SWTOR Game Update 2.3. Set to release this August, the upcoming game update will have an event called Bounty Hunter. It was revealed that a New Hanger will be provided to those who participated in the event. A picture was shown where you can see the hangar and the decoration items you can put on it. Could this be a sign that housing will be coming soon?
Those who will be doing the Bounty Hunter event will do a plethora of missions where they can get good rewards. The possible rewards that are attainable varies from outfits to items. The variety of missions that will be doing guarantees fresh content over the duration of the event.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Updated With Nightmare Mode

BioWare and EA Games have released a new trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic to commemorate the game’s Operation Nightmare update. It’s very Cthulhu Mythos-esque and reminds me a quite a bit of  The Secret World, but with a nice Star Wars flavor to the proceedings.

The update adds a key focus to guilds, with guild challenges and other features to get everyone playing cooperatively, along with some of the most difficult raid bosses to grace the game to date. Additionally, there are new achievements and a new Kell Dragon equipment tier.

Here’s what’s in store with the Nightmare Mode Operation: Terror From Beyond:

The fight to seize control of the Gree Hypergate will leave you gasping for breath as you battle the five main bosses, now amped up to challenge even the most skilled group of players!

Conquer these nightmarish enemies for a chance to earn a brand new set of Kell Dragon gear, the most powerful PvE gear available, as well as an exclusive “Helix Hyperpod” Vehicle!

Aussie Star Wars The Old Republic Servers To Close

In a rather saddening move, EA and/or BioWare have determined that there is a need to close the Australian servers for their Star Wars MMORPG, Star Wars: The Old Republic. What’s odd about this is that EA actually launched Australian servers for the game during it’s launch period, and also had a proper Australian launch for the title.

What’s interesting about this move is that players that have been playing the game since before it’s official Australian launch, is that these players will likely recognise the servers that they’re being transferred to are the ones where the majority of players were transferred from initially.

Australian Players can expect their characters to be moved from the following servers, to the servers also listed:

All remaining characters will be consolidated into the following servers in a few months:

  • Dalborra -> The Harbinger
  • Master Dar’Nala -> The Bastion
  • Gav Daragon -> Bergeren Colony

However, EA and Bioware have also given players the option to select which server they wish to be transferred to should they choose to do it within an alotted timeframe, see below:

Please follow the instructions below to begin your free character transfer:

  • Go to your “My Account” page by clicking on your username in the top right corner of
  • On the left hand side, scroll down to Character Transfer
  • Once there, select your current APAC server and then the character you wish to transfer
  • Now select your destination server (where you want to move your character)
  • Press the transfer button

Oddly, there is no explicit time frame set, with the notice that players will have received is listing the time period as: “This will occur sometime in the next few months.”

Make sure you get your character transferred to the server you want before it’s too late.