ArcheAge 3.0 Is Days Away from Reaching the Korean Server – 4 New Trailers


Teased until now, update 3.0 has now a clear path straight to ArcheAge, the Korean version. Update 3.0 will mark the return of the long forgotten Goddes of Hatred. Some slices from this massive update have been previously revealed by XLGAMES. We know that update 3.0 will feature two new playable races – Warborn and Dwarves.

Rocky Mountain and Scorching Wilderness are two new starting zones, one for each race. Rocky Mountain will be the starting point for Dwarven race, while the Scorching Wilderness will be the zone from where the Warborn race will start its adventure

The character customization section has been updated and features now a large variety of options, similar to the ones that you find in Black Desert. With this new update, features like labor points, warehouse slots, gold revenues, upgrade success rates and many more will be improved.

The Korean servers will receive update 3.0 on July 13th.



The Dark Brotherhood DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online will feature new areas for players to explore, which is a good thing. No one wants a new DLC that compresses everything into a single closet, even if it would prevent undue wear and tear on your W, A, S, and D keys. So why not take a quick tour of the areas found on the Gold Coast, from the cities and towns to the many parts of the land infested with things that want to kill you in new and exciting ways?


Anvil and Kvatch are the region’s two major settlements; Anvil is a bustling port town (presumably named after a sailing vessel by people who were very bad at sailing) and Kvatch is known as somewhere between “quiet and pious” and “neck-blisteringly sanctimonious” depending upon whom you ask. You can also dive into Hrota Cave or Garlas Agea if all of the city stuff leaves you with an urge to kill something, or take a look at the re-fortified Enclave of the Hourglass. You won’t want for places to explore, certainly.

Aion Europe gets abyss update on April 27


Aion Abyss continues to be a source of great conflict in the game, a fact that won’t change when Update 4.91 comes to the European serves on April 27th.


The big feature of the patch will be the commencement of the Battle of the Landings. Players can surge forward to reinforce and protect landings in the Upper Abyss. There will be many ways to do this, depending on your playstyle; players can reinforce landings through quests, by killing world bosses, by conquering garrisons, and even by participating in an invasion into an enemy landing.


There are self-serving reasons to be part of this fight. When landings are reinforced, new quests, portals, and merchants appear for use by players.

Tree of Savior Feature: Guild


Guilds are organizations made up of many adventurers. Every guild is controlled by a single guildmaster, who determines how spoils are shared amongst the guildmembers. Revelators will transfer to many guilds over the course of their journey. In Tree of Savior, Guilds can only be formed by Templar players, restricting guildmasters to one job class.

Founding a Guild

In order to create a guild, the Templar player must talk to Knight Commander Uska and pay 10,000,000 Silver. Once created, the guildmaster can start inviting people into the guild and gain access to guild-exclusive skills.

Guild Levels – Guilds in TOS will have levels, although it is unsure how guildmembers can help level up their guild.

Guild Membership – When newly created, the guildmaster can only add a maximum of 20 members. This limit can be increased by leveling up the appropriate guild attribute.

Upon joining a guild, a guild chat tab will be added to the chat box for guild discussions.

Guild Tower

The centerpiece of a guild in TOS is the Guild Tower. Guildmasters can form a guild tower on any field in the game. The tower can perform even more functions depending on the guild tower skills the Templar in charge has. Guildmembers can use the tower to warp, as guild storage or to enter a private area.

High-level guild towers can function as a hangout spot. The spot can consist of an inside area and a garden farm. Within the hangout spot, guildmembers can plant and harvest crops or raise unique companions. The crop materials and companions can be obtained from various guild events. A guildmaster can choose which guild events to participate. The events will consist of boss raid events, raid missions for guilds, and GvG events. Guilds can grow their guild towers by feeding them Talts obtained from those events. As the guild level increases, points will be accumulated and you can use those points to grow your guild.

Developing the Guild

There are many ways a guild can grow. A guild can specialize in agriculture or in combat and can declare war with other guilds. Warring guilds can destroy each other’s guild tower or PVP the enemy members on fields.


Guilds in TOS have special skills that can only be activated by the guildmaster. These skills help to support the guild on and off the battlefield.



Are you part of the horde of gamers who are enjoying the sandbox goodness of Black Desert these days? If so, you probably have many questions about the game and its future, which is why we want to point you in the direction of a fresh community Q&A with Daum Games.

In the post, the studio confirmed that more classes are on their way to the game: “Musa/Maehwa (aka Blader/Plum which have been renamed to their original historical names) will be released soon. Ninja/Kunoichi will be released down the road.”

Daum did not have any word on when character transfers will be available and said that it is looking at ways to adjust the controversial karma system. Players curious about a PvE-only server were pointed to the answer on the karma system, which may indicate that this is one of the solutions that Daum is considering.

Players curious about a roadmap for the title’s updates got some clue about what’s to come:

“We are roughly following a similar update pattern as in the [Korean] service, but we will have many exceptions where we either grab some brand new features that have been just released on KR right away or split them up into content batches for technical reasons. For example we were planning to release the Castle Siege Mode in April, but due to our different server setups compared to the KR service, we are now in the process of upgrading our Server structure (in regards of specs) to provide the best environment possible. This will take a bit of time due to the ordering process of new technical assets, which will result in postponing the castle siege slightly and releasing some other content first.”

wildstar welcomes players to arcterra


After talking about it for months, WildStar has finally opened up Arcterra for exploration and general looting.

The frozen continent looms over today’s content update, offering high-level players a new stomping ground full of world bosses, quests, reward tracks, and story mysteries. In the region, players will quest to find the Vault of the Archon, a locale that future updates are supposed to fully unlock.

There’s a lot to check out with this drop, including updated daily rewards, extra housing stuff, and dynamic events. Make sure to read all of the patch notes to see if the team addressed any of the bugs or issues that have bothered you!

Guild Wars 2 New Updates Adds Additional Features

ArenaNet has been burning the midnight oil to make sure that we the players are getting the best MMO experience possible. The update last night of Guild Wars 2 added some additional features and also resolved some lingering issues.

Last Nights Update:

  • We largely resolved the capacity constraints with parties and guild functionality, which were causing symptoms such as party members not appearing on the map, parties not staying together as they travelled between maps, and guild manipulation not working. Note that, while capacity constraints are now addressed, there are still some specific issues we’re working on with parties and guilds. In particular, there’s an issue with parties not staying together as they travel into dungeons, which we plan to address tonight.
  • We fixed issues with the storyline steps “Fury of the Dead,” “Grisly Shipment,” and “In The Ruins.”
  • We changed the downed mode camera to maintain a more consistent distance taking race into account.

They also added an option to allow you to stay on an overflow server and no longer get the warning messages.

Some of the planned fixes for tonight include:

  • We’ll fix the issue with parties not staying together as they travel into dungeons.
  • We’ll fix issues with the storyline steps “A Light in the Darkness,” “Estate of Decay,” “Explosive Intellect,” “Rumors of Trouble,” “The Lost Chieftain’s Return,” and “Tribunes in Effigy.”

Finally a few items are still in the works:

  • We’ll fix issues with the storyline steps “A Light in the Darkness,” “Estate of Decay,” “Explosive Intellect,” “Rumors of Trouble,” “The Lost Chieftain’s Return,” and “Tribunes in Effigy.”
  • We’re working on a fix for PvP tournament rewards.

Guild Wars 2 State Update Aug 30

Imagine you’ve just launched the biggest MMO of 2012, and now your job is to meet the demand of all the ravenous people who have been itching to play since 2007. Then think about how crazy they could quite possibly become without a stable, fully featured gaming experience. Got that picture in your mind?  Shudder…

With that in mind, we think ANet is deserving of a big thank you for continuously keeping us up to date with the issues that their support team is facing. Huzzah to those keeping the hordes at bay. At this point in time, it seems as though account security is the top priority at this point (thankfully). Per Anet:

Here are the things we’re doing to protect your accounts.

  • We have the “password reset” feature temporarily disabled. If you need to reset your password, contact our customer support team.
  • We now have email authentication turned on for all players with verified email addresses. With this feature, even if someone guesses your password, when he tries to login from a location that you’ve never logged in from before, you’ll have an opportunity to approve or disapprove of the login through an email check.
  • We’ve noticed that hackers who discover a working email address and password combination don’t always immediately exploit the compromised account. We sent email to everyone whose account has been suspiciously logged into asking them to immediately change their email address and password.
  • We will also be sending email to all customers whose accounts have been unsuccessfully tested by hackers. We strongly recommend that these customers create a new, unique email address for their account.
  • We left in-game mail disabled for another half-day, because it’s difficult for hackers to loot accounts when both in-game mail and the trading post are disabled. Keeping mail disabled this morning to prevent account looting gave us time to get email authentication turned on for all players, and gave players time to secure their accounts. But we will be turning in-game mail back on soon, so we ask everyone to quickly secure their accounts.

Email authentication - We started ramping up email authentication after last night’s server update, and it’s now enabled for 100% of players with verified email addresses. Email authentication provides a high level of security for everyone, and can provide an even higher level of security when combined with two-factor email authentication. Here’s how you can set that up. Create a new unique Google or Yahoo email address solely for your Guild Wars 2account. Verify that email address with Guild Wars 2 to turn on email authentication. Then follow the instructions at Google or Yahoo to enable two-factor authentication for all logins to your email address.

Parties, guilds, etc. - We’re working to address problems with parties, guilds, and other social features, which cause symptoms such as party members not appearing on the map, party members not staying in the same overflow servers as they travel between maps, and guild invites and guild chat failing intermittently.

Overflow servers - During this initial surge of high concurrency, and especially while most characters are low-level and thus playing in the same starting areas, it’s common for players to be directed to overflow servers. If you want to play with a friend, but you’re not on the same overflow servers, you can form a party together, then right-click on your friend’s portrait in the party list and click “join”. Note that this functionality is sometimes intermittently unavailable due to the issues with parties and guilds noted above.

We expect the use of overflow servers to naturally subside as players spread out more through the world.

Botting - Yesterday we applied 72-hour account suspensions to 500 players who were running bots. We’re continuing to detect and ban bots. Soon we will ramp up to our normal policy of applying permanent account bans to anyone who runs a bot.

Exploits - If you discover an exploit in the game, do not exploit it or publicize it, but instead notify us immediately at this new email address: exploits (at) arena (dot) net.

This morning there was a widely-publicized, newly-introduced exploit in which specific cultural weapons were selling for one-thousandth of their normal price. We fixed it with an emergency build this morning. We want to thank the vast majority of players who became aware of the issue, responsibly reported it, and did not exploit it. However, a smaller group of players did significantly exploit it, each purchasing hundreds or thousands of these weapons. We permanently banned 3,000 accounts of players who substantially exploited it, and applied 72-hours bans to another 1,000 accounts of players who mildly exploited it.

In-game mail - In last night’s software update we fixed the potential abuse of the in-game mail system that we identified yesterday. We kept in-game mail turned off for another half-day while working to secure accounts against hackers, since in-game mail can be used to loot an account. And we kept in-game mail turned off while responding to this morning’s exploit. We’re now ready to re-enable it, and will do so this afternoon.

Trading Post - Yesterday we tested Trading Post with a random 15% of players. This test helped us gather valuable data to fix important bottlenecks. This afternoon we will test Trading Post with a random 25% of players, and then work to ramp up from there.

Tournament Rewards - We’re working on fixing tournament chest rewards. Because this requires substantial testing, we do not have an estimated release timeframe to provide at this time.

Forums - Our most important priority at the moment is to ensure that the game runs stably and flawlessly. So as to not create additional demand on our infrastructure and on our programming team, we made the decision not to open the forums until the initial mass influx of players has calmed down a bit.

Next software updates - We’re making non-disruptive changes throughout the day. We’ll publish the next back-end server update tonight at midnight Seattle time. The game may be unavailable for approximately 20-60 minutes while we perform this update.