Guild Wars 2 getting its first PvP season starting Oct. 4

World vs. World, one of Guild Wars 2‘s player-versus-player modes, is getting its first season, which will pit players against each other Oct. 4 though Nov. 21, according to a post on the game’s official website.

Developer ArenaNet will split the massively multiplayer online game’s North American WvW region into two leagues, each with 12 worlds, whereas Europe will receive three leagues with nine worlds each. Each league’s worlds will battle each other for prizes like bonus chests over the first season’s seven weeks.

The addition to the game will also bring new WvW achievements, which players can unlock during the season. Before it begins, ArenaNet will refund all World Ability Points for all characters, so players can “decide on a particular play style for the season and load your characters the way you wish to play them with all the points you’ve already unlocked,” according to the post.

“To further incentivize spending your points we will not be introducing any new ability lines during the season, nor shall we be making any other changes to WvW, with the exception of bug fixes, until the season concludes,” the post reads. “This is to ensure that the playing field is as level as it can be at the start and the finish of the season.”

Guild Wars 2 : The Future of WvW

The Guild Wars 2 blog has been updated with a post by Devon Carver that lays out the details on changes coming in the future for the World vs World system. The team is looking to make ‘roles’ in WvW more meaningful, siege weapons better utilized and to add more variety to the experience.

Something that has developed naturally over time and that we would like to encourage is the definition of roles within WvW. Everyone has likely seen a commander laying out battle plans and then subsequently seen that one thief mucking up those plans. It’s our goal to introduce more systems that encourage play within a wide variety of roles, not just those two. Scouts, siege masters, and defenders are only a sampling of the roles we intend to add to. We think that these are all a vital part of the success of any server in WvW, so we want to reward players who do these tasks so that they feel like their time is properly valued.

Guild Wars 2 brings more tricks to the WvW experience, living story

In Guild Wars 2 PvP, it’s you against the world. Well, you and the rest of your world against the other world. Fans of the WvW system will be happy to learn that there are more tweaks coming to the system in the game’s upcoming March patch, starting with the addition of ranks and abilities for players battling it out. The patch will also remove the culling system that prevented the game from displaying all of the players on the field at a given moment.

Players will earn ranks in WvW by earning World XP, which is awarded for doing pretty much whatever your character would normally do in WvW. Each new rank provides points to spend on abilities, all of which will start off as passive improvements like the ability to carry more supplies or do more siege damage. In the future, the developers want to add more active options so that WvW players feel as if they have an alternate advancement system past level 80, giving just a little more motivation to hit the WvW maps all over again.

Guild Wars 2 provides a visual overview of World vs. World

If you felt disappointed that ArenaNet left Guild Wars 2‘s World vs. World out of its video splurge last week, consider this: Maybe the studio was saving the best for last. In any case, today we’re finally treated to an overview of the WvW system in the game, narrated by the devs.

World vs. World is arguably the centerpiece of PvP combat in the game. Taking place across four massive maps, WvW pits three factions of players against each other in an attempt to conquer keeps, control supply lines, and bring the pain to their fellow man (or Sylvari).