Third Diablo III Evil Reborn Trailer Now Available

Another strange and quite freaky trailer has been released today for the upcoming Diablo III,releasing in less than two months on Ps3 and Xbox 360. The Evil Reborn trailers have been somewhat scary and an interesting way to promote the game.

Bringing the game on consoles has been a challenge for the team since the interface and some of the features had to be reworked so that they may function properly on a console environment and with a joypad. According to a few earlier reports Diablo III on Ps3 will be as fun as it is on PC. The Ps3 version of Diablo III will also have an offline mode, a local and online co-op mode but lack the controversial Auction House.

Diablo III will be launching on September 7th on Ps3 and Xbox 360. Even though it was originally unveiled as a Ps4 launch title, the game will be released sometime during 2014 since the team has only recently received the Ps4 developer kit. Blizzard will also try to do something nice with the extra development time by adding some unique features that will use the trackpad and share buttons.